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  1. CarFan79

    Vito w639 wheel options?

    I sold a set of W204 18" staggered alloys to a guy with a W639 and they fit no problems.
  2. CarFan79

    Front tow bar cover

    There is small hole that the cable pushes through and then the cover clips into the bumper.
  3. CarFan79

    h7 hid kit in 6000K

    HID conversion is an MOT fail. You would need to remove the kit for testing and then refit it again every year unless you know a friendly tester.
  4. CarFan79

    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    FR06 FUN and a huge frog decal on the back of a Toyota IQ
  5. CarFan79

    Pollen filter filth

    Next time! Just a plain activated charcoal this time.
  6. CarFan79

    Pollen filter filth

    On the first picture yes but the other side is pure mould, I'm surprised it didn't smell tbh.
  7. CarFan79

    Pollen filter filth

    Having only owned my C-Class for a couple of years it was due a B service recently. I set about the service and when it came to the pollen filter I was shocked! Full service history but no mention of the pollen filter being changed but the two clips that go either end of the filter were missing...
  8. CarFan79

    W204 C250 CDi Transmission

    What you are describing is pretty much how mine behaves too although I have 2013 W204 C220.
  9. CarFan79

    Power steering bleed c200 cdi

    The mercedes steering oil for your car is mb236.3 I'm sure
  10. CarFan79

    Power steering bleed c200 cdi

    I think you are using the wrong oil. There's a specific steering oil that isn't an atf fluid I think.
  11. CarFan79

    Manual Gearbox and Rear Differential Oil for 906 Sprinter?

    As it's not a regular service item and has a long interval between changes I'd get the oil from a dealer.
  12. CarFan79

    K&N panel filter for C300

    Probably best emailing K&N. However the majority don't recommend them.
  13. CarFan79

    Word association game

  14. CarFan79

    Word association game

  15. CarFan79

    He Who Posts Last . . . .Wins . . .

    Was worth a try eh?
  16. CarFan79

    New shape sprinter frontend swap onto 2010 906

    I can't see them changing the actual shell until the 907/910 chassis came out.
  17. CarFan79

    He Who Posts Last . . . .Wins . . .

    Never played before! Have I won?
  18. CarFan79

    New shape sprinter frontend swap onto 2010 906

    You're looking at minimum of bonnet, wings, bumper, grill, cross member, headlamps, headlamp brackets. Plus various bolts, washers, etc. Possibly radiator, inner arch liners, intercooler, boost pipes and possibly bonnet catch/cable.
  19. CarFan79

    How to Clean Chrome Window Surrounds?

    £7 on Amazon so worth a try!
  20. CarFan79

    Who uses ‘V-Power Diesel’....

    Too many variables for the smoke opacity test to use that as evidence. Did the tester do the test properly each time? Same test equipment? Properly warmed up? Etc Have seen in the past a tester gives a derv full wellie as per the test and get an initial high reading so then only blipped the...
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