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  1. DrewB

    C666 … what’s going on here?

    Morning forum goers, while out in the mailbox Birmingham yesterday I saw what was badged as a C666. The car was the same Matt black colour of the badges, AMG grille etc. Beautiful looking car. I can’t find out any information about it online. Was I dreaming? Is this car for real 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. DrewB

    Speed display…. Of sorts

    Hello forum people, I have a C117 with a small km/h display on my dashboard, that would be where the outside temperature would be displayed if we weren’t in the UK. Am I correct in thinking that this cannot be changed for another display ? Even if I toggle the main speed between mph and km/h...
  3. DrewB

    Key Fob Hints & 'Tricks' .... eh?

    Morning forum people, So last night I watched youtube with eager excitement. There were several videos regarding 'fun' & 'tricks' to be had via the key fob. My car won't play ball, i tried everything atleast twice, but no, my car doesn't want to open and close all of the windows and sunroof...
  4. DrewB

    New CLA Owner

    Hello forumgoers Its been a fair few years since I've been on a forum(Volvo owners club), but forums have all the little hints, help & tips I used to love to pick up! I picked up my (new to me) car (CLA 250 4Matic) 2 weeks ago and so far I'm loving it. Chat soon maybe ;) Attachments
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