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  1. benGTR

    GTR bucket seats

    Hey - I have a 2019 GTR. I got it with the AMG Performance seats for comfort and the electric adjustment. The more I see the bucket seat cars the more I’m now thinking that would be a nice upgrade. I’m not really using the car much so I can live with a fixed back bucket. I’d keep the old seats...
  2. benGTR


    Few pics of my GTR I had a new c63 in 2013 and moved through various Porsches and a 488 before returning to AMG in October. Did Donnington last week with LOT (great forum and organisation of track days) I've recently fit the AMG GTR Pro brake cooling upgrade. For the member who wanted the...
  3. benGTR

    New (old previous) member

    Hi - I was on here years ago but I cant remember my password and I dont have access to my old mailbox. Anyhow, sold my w204 C63, had years in Porsches and now I'm a Magno Green Hell AMG GTR
  4. benGTR

    Online Merc Part Diagrams?

    Are there any expanded diagrams flying about online? Looking for GTR specifically
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