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  1. Germgh0st


    My 50th birthday present from the universe today was a pigeon at 80mph on the A1M who managed to appear out of nowhere and collide with the nearside front corner of the car :( Once I'd pulled all the feathers out of the grille (no guts thankfully!) I could see that the impact has forced the...
  2. Germgh0st

    Bye bye coupe? I thought I'd gotten away from the 2 door vs 4 door arguments when I left the Focus ST forums....
  3. Germgh0st

    Technology works!

    On Saturday I was visting my partner's mum with her. My car was parked in a layby in her road, big enough for two cars with another car already in it. Opposite the layby are three resident parking spaces that back onto the road, and back onto the layby as a result. Can you guess what it is yet...
  4. Germgh0st

    Seatbelt warning for rear seats

    It seems every time I start up my W205 C43 I get a rear seatbelt warning on the dash, even when the seats are completely empty of people, bags, coats, etc. Is this normal?
  5. Germgh0st

    When is a W205 not a W205....

    Today I'm having a Ghost immobiliser fitted to my 2019 W205 (so I thought!) C43 saloon. Ten minutes into fitting the guy comes back and says it's a W204, signified by a label and the fact that there's an extra module or something and he's got to reprogramme the Ghost to suit. I'm confused..
  6. Germgh0st


    So after placing an order in Februrary for a new C43 saloon, only to be told seven months later they can't build it and then locating an ex-demo which I had to wait three months for, Betram the Benz is finally here! Apparently once I'd put my deposit down, even though it was an active...
  7. Germgh0st

    N00b auto question

    I'll be picking up my C43 in a months time and it will be the first automatic car I've ever owned. I've done some Googling but have failed to find a recent and clear answer to the question 'does the car lurch when put into park'. Obviously we've all seen the rather dramatic lurching of cars in...
  8. Germgh0st

    Disappointment seems that whilst Mercedes have a list of cars you can order, and a list of optional extras that you can select and add to your order and then they will take your order and a healthy deposit there's no actual guarantee they will be able to fulfill your order.... I ordered my C43 saloon...
  9. Germgh0st

    Rowan Atkinson's 500 E up for grabs

    You must buy Rowan Atkinson’s Mercedes 500E
  10. Germgh0st


    I've done it then, ordered a C43 today :) Brilliant blue, driver assistance pack, premium plus pack, memory pack, HUD, performance exhaust, leather interior with ash trim. Got £6.5k discount too :)
  11. Germgh0st

    AMG performance exhaust

    Does anyone on here have a 2018 onwards C43 with the AMG performance exhaust? I'm trying to find out if it ends with the same round tailpipes as the standard exhaust or if it has the two rectangular tips split into two like the pre-2018 model? At a guess I would say it has as the rear bumper...
  12. Germgh0st

    Just another n00b

    Hey all. I'm Sean, 47 from South Shields. For the past five years I've had a Mk3 Focus ST (three of them in fact) and I love them, in my opinion the best bang for buck car in it's sector. Just over a year ago my dad passed away and left me able to pay off my debts, including car finance, buy my...
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