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  1. GRAV888

    Finally back to MB

    Hi all. After a while away to the dark side, I'm finally back with MB. 2017 CLA 180 AMG Line in black. Just couldn't keep away.
  2. GRAV888

    World supersport job

    Not been on the forum much lately, as I landed my dream job at the end of July last year. I was marshalling the world superbikes at Silverstone and was contacted by a new team, to take their truck to Russia, due to the many years continental experience I have. Well, Russia is definitely an eye...
  3. GRAV888

    Happy birthday PJH

    Have a good day fella :bannana::bannana::bannana:
  4. GRAV888

    Suitcase generator

    Does anyone have a suitcase generator they no longer require? I have a 2.3kv 4 stroke generator atm, but is too big to keep lugging aroud. Not really bothered about the output, as it's only to run a tv in the caravan.
  5. GRAV888

    This is brilliant

    Policeman telling off a traffic warden - YouTube
  6. GRAV888

    Anyone fancy an older Merc?

    Mercedes 170V 1938 Driving | eBay
  7. GRAV888

    Top Gear preview.
  8. GRAV888

    Brabus flat bonnet emblem.

    I have a new and unused Brabus bonnet emblem available. Comes with backing plate (white part in photo). The feint arc at the top left edge of the B in the photo is a reflection and not actually on the emblem. £20 inc p&p. (to mainland UK)
  9. GRAV888

    Bike for sale.

    I've got this for sale on ebay, but will take an offer on it if anyone from here wants it. 2008 HONDA NT 700 DEAUVILLE VA-8 BLACK on eBay (end time 27-Aug-10 18:37:22 BST)
  10. GRAV888

    MotoGP 3 day pass

    For this weekend, I have a set of 3 (fri, sat & sun) wristbands for general access. There are very few tickets for this event left and I only have 1 set of wristbands. MotoGP this weekend at Silverstone circuit. I will be leaving for the circuit tomorrow at 11am, so you need to contact me by PM...
  11. GRAV888

    A Message For All Members. Please Read.

    We have had cause tonight, to ban a member for sending inapropriate private messages. Some contained some rather strong name calling, whilst others contained suggestions involving other members of a family. Some contained threats. THIS WILL NOT BE TOLLERATED. Any member who is found to be...
  12. GRAV888

    MBClub logistics

    Does anyone live in/near Leigh on Sea and travel to Medway or Dartford area? A mate of mine in the Superbikes has won some roof bars on eBay and needs to get them to me, so I can pass them on to him. Any help welcomed. ETA. Needs to be within the next 2 days.
  13. GRAV888

    Dent removal in Kent.

    Can anyone recommend a dent removal firm in Kent? Had a slight mis hap with the Range Rover.:doh:
  14. GRAV888

    iPhone 3G S 32gb.

    Due to 'downgrading', I am selling my iphone 3G S 32gb. Comes with charger and the original box. I also have a mobile charger for the car. It is on O2. I can supply a pay as you go sim card (new and unopened with free calls and texts to other O2 users* free if required). Phone has no faults...
  15. GRAV888

    Meeting 7th March 2010

    Ok, not an MB meeting, but I know there are a lot of bikers on this forum. Basically, my brother has taken on a new pub and I have free run on events at the old one. I have arranged the following bike meeting and will be arranging an MBClub gtg there soon. Carpark will hold about 20 cars. (more...
  16. GRAV888

    British SuperBikes 2010. Sponsorship needed.

    I have a friend who races in the British SuperBikes and he needs sponsors. He only has 62 days left to get someone signed up, so if you own a company and would like to help him, whilst getting advertising and I am sure tax benefits;), contact me. 8.2 Million chances to get your business seen. As...
  17. GRAV888

    Urgent screen help needed please

    My little kitten was having a funny 5 minutes and was charging round the room. He jumped all over my laptop keyboard and now the screen display has rotated 90 degrees anti-clockwise. How do I set it back to normal? I have re-started the lappy, but it's still the same. Thanks
  18. GRAV888

    Various items for sale.

    1 pair of size 11 white SIDI boots, worn half a dozen times £100 2 piece set of RESPOL White and red leathers,size xxxl, worn half a dozen times (cost £800) £250 2 paddock stands, £30 the pair Beer cooler. Will run 2 kegs at a time, or 1 keg super chilled. Comes with 1/2 bottle of gas...
  19. GRAV888

    Pushbikes wanted

    Odd request I know, but at the British Superbike meeting at Cadwell Park at the end of this month, I will be participating in a charity pushbike race around the circuit to raise funds for the Chris Jones Memorial Fund. Chris was a young motorcycle racer, who sadly lost his life in a tragic...
  20. GRAV888

    Parking required.

    Does anyone know of anywhere suitable that I can park 2 artic tractor units and 2 45 foot trailers in Kent. Preferably Medway area.
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