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  1. RAB36

    W212 E350 Build "The Boat"

    In the following weeks and months ill be doing a few bits to the boat and as always for my own record and anyone interested i like to document it as i generally end up modifying my cars way past the stage i ever intended lol, so if its the good the bad or the ugly ill post it up so if anyone's...
  2. RAB36

    Ambient lighting brightness?

    Hi quick question on the 212's, is there a way of turning the brightness of the ambient lighting up beyond factory settings? Mines up to 5 but it don't seem as bright as some I've seen so i wondered if there's a way of making it brighter? Possibly some sorcery on star?
  3. RAB36

    Lowering options?

    Hi everyone, I have a 2014 e350 bluetec rwd looking to get it lowered as the back sits way to high for me and generally just looks like a 1960's hot rod with the front being lower, I've had a look at the usual places like eBay ect and tried venom motorsport but I'm having no luck, I can find...
  4. RAB36

    Headlight protection?

    Yet to pick the E class up but I want to pre book some jobs in as every where's packed and have long booking in times, so basically the 212 has the intelligent led headlights fitted and at over £1200 each I don't fancy having one break or get chipped so my question is what's recommended for...
  5. RAB36

    New Member

    Hello, new to the forum and just awaiting on the arrival of my new to me 2014 E350 bluetec amg sport saloon, wow that's a mouthful, missed out on a couple as I'm being overly fussy on spec but luckily picked this one up with everything I was looking for in the colour I wanted on the day it got...
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