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  1. Danny DeVito

    Garage Equipment Repairs

    By a happy coincidence I now repair garage equipment ! However I could sometimes use a bit of help or information if any one had that sort of thing sitting about. I might even be able to answer a few questions. So on to question one. .Nussbaum 2.30. How to check nut wear ? Its not one I am...
  2. Danny DeVito

    Of some interest

    So i discovered something last week. I was working on a Hyundai Trajet with an oxygen sensor fault. This applies to mot nct etc. The engine fault light was on all the time. I borrowed an Elm bluetooth fault code reader. I found that the eml was off even while driving as long as the bluetooth...
  3. Danny DeVito

    Get rich quick

    Or at least make a healthy income.... does anybody have a few good ideas ?
  4. Danny DeVito

    Vito 638 Turbo removal ?

    I wonder if any one can say for sure if it is possible to remove the turbo from my 638 v220 without removing the engine ? Thanks
  5. Danny DeVito

    Oil leak sealers ?

    I need one. i probably won't have a choice on which one but has anyone tried one and it worked ? I think the leak is from behind the timing belt so its a major operation to find and sort. I will try a sealer first.
  6. Danny DeVito


    Not altogether an MB problem but have you been behind a TDI recently ? I have and i can't understand how come they have so much smoke ? Dirty black smoke ? Do they pass emissions like this or is it just lack of care from the owners which might be easily fixed.
  7. Danny DeVito

    Clouds of Grey Smoke

    Clouds of grey smoke and now the engine won't turn over, is it the head gasket ? It tries to turn but can't.
  8. Danny DeVito

    Building underground

    Would it cost more or much more to dig out my back garden and build below ground level or mostly below. Kind of like what was on Grand Designs one time. Does anybody know or have experience of it ? Think of it as a diy project perspective. Mainly completed by me over a lengthy period of time...
  9. Danny DeVito

    Why do i get a response if i ping 169... i thought it was a response from ip assigned to xbox but it still replies with that turned of.
  10. Danny DeVito

    Grant 60/90 burner stuck in boiler

    has anyone an easy way to remove it ? I removed the top nut and i may have cracked the flange trying to pry it loose.
  11. Danny DeVito

    Job offers how long can it take ?

    Last of my complaints for this evening ( not likely ) But i applied for a job. Its a job i did before as a sub contractor. Now the main company want to employ directly. It took about 3 weeks before i got a call for interview. The interview turned out to be the manager i reported to before. He...
  12. Danny DeVito

    My Ding a ling

    Do you know it Chuck Berry ? My boy (9) heard it on Simpsons, promptly found it on youtube and then went in reciting parts of it to his teacher.
  13. Danny DeVito

    The Wardrobe fell on us

    Well at 3.15am the thing fell on top us. Its an argos one. made up of light metal tube and plastic connectors. Full of clothes it fell on top of us. I thought it was someone trying to get in the window. :eek: Not good for sleep or the interview i had to get to today
  14. Danny DeVito

    A question for you Developer

    If you want to put a doorway in a gable wall, is it safe to just knock a hole in it ? Do you put two single cills or a wide cill ? Standard door size. ?? :dk:
  15. Danny DeVito


    For anyone in the business of looking at c.v.'s I wonder if you might answer a question for me. Do you mind looking at a long c.v first or do you prefer a short one, to the point. maybe ask for a fuller c.v later. Or is it better to put as much as you can in regarding experience and info...
  16. Danny DeVito

    Tablet Wifi.. Any help ??

    My daughter has a Gemini 7020 simple tablet. Quite often it disconnects from wifi. After this i have to re enter pass phrase and it tries to authenticate which often doesn't happen. WPS works a little better but not always. Signal goes from full to poor througout connection even though i am...
  17. Danny DeVito

    I need

    i need a couple of crappy sales lines like job too big or small Our Service is next to none... i need a few:D more thanks
  18. Danny DeVito

    Wheres the Money in IT ?

    I'm thinking of a career change to IT so wheres the money at ?
  19. Danny DeVito

    Its funny but not really ....

    Water Meter Sketch | The Fear | Every Monday | 10pm | RTÉ Two - YouTube :eek:
  20. Danny DeVito

    Website Load times

    I notice recently that web pages take a long time to load. So just now i look up some test sites which measure load times. Benzworld takes 7 secs to load. I tested a few others at about 2 secs. Now suddenly minutes later all pages are loading in record time as it should be. Coincidence...
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