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  1. Sp!ke

    Selling the SL500 R129 - don't know current value.

    I'm shortly going to put my SL up for sale as I no longer have a garage to keep it in. I've been looking in the normal places trying to gauge the current market but the prices are all over the place and i'm struggling to know what I should be putting it up for. Whats making it tricky is a...
  2. Sp!ke

    masakre's new project car

    This one should be most interesting. One of only 12 cars according to MB. (14 cars according to some)
  3. Sp!ke

    17" OZ AMG three piece wheels for sale - 2 good, 2 not so good ***NOW SOLD***

    I am selling my staggered 3 piece OZ AMG wheels. These are suitable for a R129 for definite, perhaps a W124 widebody and I think a W126. Last year I discovered cracks in one of the wheels and having removed all four wheels, it turns out that two have cracks so I am selling the set of 4 wheels...
  4. Sp!ke

    Brown Church Brogues

    I have pretty much decided to splash out on a pair of brown Church shoes since everywhere is dressing down now and smart casual seems to be king. Trouble is, I can't seem to find any one selling them locally (kingston) and I am loathed to take a trip into London if I can help it? Does anyone...
  5. Sp!ke

    23 and me

    I'm thinking about giving this service a try - has anyone else done it yet?
  6. Sp!ke

    SL60 at MBWorld - interesting paint

    What is this paint code? Whatever it is it is stunning the way it changes from green to blue.
  7. Sp!ke

    Apple to buy Tesla?

    If rumours are true then this is predicted to happen in the next 18 months. I can see this being quite an interesting partnership although I suspect it would be the end of free charging points and perhaps the need for monolithic 'Tesla only' roads.
  8. Sp!ke

    Suitable courtesy cars for Indy

    I've been window shopping for potential courtesy cars for use by a friendly Indy. The cars tend to get get abused by customers (the last loaner was written off by one a couple of weeks ago) so we're looking at as low a budget as possible but it has to be something reasonably tidy and not...
  9. Sp!ke

    Cheap home security ideas

    Since we all run the risk of being a target for criminals I thought I would start a thread on low cost home security ideas. I'll start off with these. Cheap home video monitoring. (for non Apple users) 1. Use an old webcam in conjunction with a free bit of open source software called Ispy...
  10. Sp!ke

    Denon AVR1910 surround sound system including speakers and sub

    I have downgraded to a soundbar for simplicity so have the following I will shortly be putting on ebay should no-one here be interested. It is a Denon AVR 1920 amp and receiver with 5.1 Jamo satellites and sub. Comes complete with the special Microphone to setup the sound stage and associated...
  11. Sp!ke

    Drove this on Saturday - anybody tell what it is?

  12. Sp!ke

    28 litre Fiat S76 runs for the first time in 100 years

    Fascinating stuff.
  13. Sp!ke

    Lets Race - driving simulator

    Has anyone been? F1 Racing Simulator | Driving Experience | Centre Anyone up for having an MBclub day there?
  14. Sp!ke

    Ferrari 288 GTO group B video

    I stumbled on this and thought it worth sharing. If only to have your own estate big enough to drive around like that? [YOUTUBE HD]UKm-wcxkl5U[/YOUTUBE HD]
  15. Sp!ke

    How to fix a bent iphone 6

  16. Sp!ke

    wow ...300bhp out of the new Kawasaki Ninja H2

    I have to ride me one of these :D
  17. Sp!ke

    Grease Junkie Garage (Ed China)

    I found out today that Ed China's garage is a normal working garage that does everyday MOT's and servicing in Bracknell. If anyone's interested - here's his website. Grease Junkie by Edd China | Garage
  18. Sp!ke

    Rental car safety

    I rented a big Citroen Jumper 9 seater for a couple of weeks in summer and had a bit of a worrying moment on the motorway when braking reasonably hard as the traffic came to an abrupt halt. On inspecting the brakes I found the front disks were cracked (see below). The rental company are...
  19. Sp!ke

    anyone a pagoda expert?

    Does anyone have any in depth knowledge about Pagodas? Martin (who ownes that lovely E500 that was at Benz on the green) is thinking of buying one as a restoration project and wondered if anyone could offer any advice?
  20. Sp!ke

    On the hunt for R129 wheels

    Looking ideally for 18" AMG two piece (and realise I just missed a set on ebay recently). Other options considered.
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