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  1. AMGeed

    Going to be a Grandad........................again

    Daughter #2 just off to the maternity unit at Poole Hospital in labour with her 2nd child. Guess who is looking after the first one. That will make 4 Grandchildren, all under 11o_O Jeez, I feel even older than usual.
  2. AMGeed

    [SOLD] OE E63 chrome boot badge.

    As above, a genuine OE chrome E63 boot badge with correct spacing in unopened packaging shown in photos below. Bought for my own E63, but not required as dealer replaced the badge before I collected the car. Plenty of Chinese copies on eBay, but this is not a copy part. £20 posted.
  3. AMGeed

    Plumbing woes

    I woke this morning to see a small brown patch on the Living room ceiling below the Hot Water Cylinder located along with a conventional boiler in the spare bedroom upstairs. I had visions of a burst pipe in the loft but no, nothing so easy. The heating element within the cylinder has corroded...
  4. AMGeed

    Apple Mac Mini Question

    My son in law gave me an Apple Mini Mac for Christmas knowing my Windows PC 10 is flagging after 7 years. I have never been a fan of either Apple products or the Mac OS, so I've downloaded Windows 10 ISO on a USB drive and its in the process of being partitioned. The Mini Mac has a 2Tb SSD and...
  5. AMGeed

    W212 E63 DIY Rear brake pad change

    After receiving my Powerstop Z16 Ceramic brake pads from Rock Auto in the US in record time (6 days) I fitted them this morning. The o/s/r has the wear sensor so tackled that one first. Had to disconnect the wear sensor from the back of the caliper first, then knocked the pins through and...
  6. AMGeed

    Travel in London question.

    One for London members who may be able to advise. Going to take 9yr old Grandson to Natural History museum, Buckingham Palace and Westminster/Big Ben on Friday and have a couple of questions re the best ticket to buy on the underground and itinerary. The TFL site is very good, but the choice of...
  7. AMGeed

    Cleaning the wheel hubs on the E63

    Reading a recent post by daveenty has inspired me to start a few outstanding jobs that need doing to the E63. The first of which was to clean up the rusting and manky looking hubs and repaint them with Smooth silver Hammerite paint. I would point out I would have preferred to use a rattle can...
  8. AMGeed

    1x Pirelli P-Zero tyre for sale.

    I have 1x Pirelli P-Zero (MO) tyre for sale. In very good condition with no splits or puncture repairs. Manufacture code 3616. 285x30x19 with 6mm remaining tread in the centre/outside and 5mm on the inside. Asking £40. Cost now over £200 new. Would be perfect for a full size spare. Prefer pick...
  9. AMGeed

    Goodyear F1 Asymmetric 5 tyre availability.

    Just ordered a pair for the rear of the E63, and it seems both the price, and the availability of the size I require 285x30x19 is in question. Firstly, the price has risen with most suppliers in the last 6 months or so by up to £50 a tyre. Around January they were roughly £155 each, now, if you...
  10. AMGeed

    Fire Opal C63...........what a sound!

    Before I continue, let me just say I love the sound of my 5.5 Biturbo with the exhaust modded. But this evening I was locking up my car when a 12 plate Fire Opal C63 stopped outside my house for a traffic light further down the road. When he took off, he wasn't sparing the horses and by God...
  11. AMGeed

    W212 E63 Front brake pad DIY change.

    Having bought the pads last year for my E63, I thought it time to change them over, so along with a few photos, here is my DIY guide to change them. Probably took around an hour and a half, most of which was jacking up the car, making it safe to work on, and cleaning the inside of the wheels...
  12. AMGeed

    E63, Today it's a wedding car

    My niece asked if I would drive her to her wedding that took place today, in the E63. More than happy to take her and its the second time I've used my car as the one to take the bride. The last time was for my daughter in the E55 5 years ago. Anyway, a beautiful day day in a lovely setting. A...
  13. AMGeed

    Idiot in a BMW M140

    I was extremely close to a collision today thanks to an impatient tool driving an M140. Approaching a roundabout, I could see a car transporter a couple of cars ahead so switched to the outside lane intending to dispatch the transporter on a short uphill stretch of dual carriageway before the...
  14. AMGeed

    Affalterbach 75mm wheel centre caps

    For sale, never been out on the road yet. Put them on and decided I preferred the originals so removed next day. £20 postage paid if interested, PM me.
  15. AMGeed

    Which Centre caps?

    Finally got around to putting on the Affalterbach AMG centre caps I bought before last Christmas. Now they are on, I'm unsure if I prefer them to the black ones I took off. Any views? Old ones New ones
  16. AMGeed

    Mercobra anyone?

    I love this 60's 190SL on steroids.
  17. AMGeed

    Formula 1, Moto GP, WSB, 2021 Season

    Just as well start a new thread for the 2021 season. Also added MotoGP and WSB as there is an interest with some members. 2021 Formula 1 calendar 21 March Australia (Melbourne) 28 March Bahrain (Sakhir) 11 April China (Shanghai) 25 April TBC 9 May Spain (Barcelona) 23 May Monaco 6 June...
  18. AMGeed

    Another mobile speed camera being introduced. Another reason to watch your speed, especially around town.:(
  19. AMGeed

    CLS63 5.5 Biturbo exhaust clip.

    What a lovely looking CLS63, with an even better exhaust note:devil: I'd say this is as perfect as could be for a V8
  20. AMGeed

    Autumn Internationals 2020

    Any rugby fans wanting to watch the upcoming Autumn Internationals will find that Amazon Prime are showing England's games along with a total of 14 matches live over the next 4 Saturdays. I think only one match is on free to air C4. I signed up today for a free 30 day Amazon Prime account which...
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