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  1. Simon

    Where am I ?

    Easy if you know the answer!
  2. Simon

    Washer woe's - Warranty dispute

    In August last year I had a new windscreen washer pump fitted. Now it's not working again and has been replaced by the same garage as it's faulty. It's not an OEM pump and the parts supplier is saying they will not replace it under warranty! What do you good people think? Should I have to...
  3. Simon


    Ok peeps, how does this work?
  4. Simon

    See if your car is insured

    Now you can make sure your insurance broker has actually insured your car by accessing the same database the Police use: You will see a brief description of the vehicle, and hopefully a green page saying it's on the database. If it's a red page the vehicles not insured.
  5. Simon

    Things to do with an old turbo = Jet engine!

    I didn't know this could be done. I think they sound great but maybe not that powerful. What would your neighbours think?:mad:
  6. Simon

    Heads up (Literally) Meteor shower tonight

    You have lo look to the East from about 9pm until 4am, let's hope it's not cloudy.
  7. Simon

    The day the Internet crashed Quite funny me thinks :D
  8. Simon

    Can you inspect a car for me near Harwich?

    If any of you live near Parkston (to be more precise), know a bit about cars and have some time to kill? That would be great. Please PM me if you can help. Thanks. Simon.
  9. Simon

    Virgin Lobster TV DAB Phone £42.98 Use the code on above link for the discount. Must be well worth it, hope so I've just ordered one.
  10. Simon

    Locate any mobile phone
  11. Simon

    Happy song (Mika, Grace Kelly)

    Don't know why but this cheers me up so I'm sharing the link with you.:) I hope it has the same effect.
  12. Simon

    S Class convertible for 2007

    I heard on the radio today there's going to be one:cool:
  13. Simon

    Unmarked speed camera van!

    On the A1 earlier today (Sandy Bedfordshire), I passed a speed camera van parked on the side of the road as they do. It was in a 50mph restriction and don’t think I was exceeding that but can’t be 100% sure. The thing is it had both of it’s back doors open and was not as visible as I thought...
  14. Simon

    Sea Harrier for sale

    Here's an unusual lot: And another:
  15. Simon

    JCB diesel land speed record attempt

    Good luck JCB and Britain. (Assuming It's still a british company!)
  16. Simon

    Mercedes Reg plate

    No reserve!:eek:
  17. Simon

    Anyone been on the QE2 lately?

    I’m thinking about it and wondered if any of you have recent experience? In particular now that QM2 is operational, has QE2 been downgraded at all, that sort of thing. Thanks for any input.
  18. Simon

    Pensioner fights back!

  19. Simon

    1997 C180 Manual Aircon

    Hello all, Sadly I’m going to sell my car after 4 years of ownership as I have fallen into the category of “company car forces sale”. A shame really as I intended to keep this car forever but now can’t really justify keeping it. Here’s some details: 1997 (R Reg 08/10/1997 )1.8 Classic...
  20. Simon

    Live near Maidstone Hyundia?

    Any chance of anyone popping along to have a quick look at this car I'm thinking of an Omega to use as a taxi and this one seems cheap.
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