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  1. mercmancdi

    Can garmin sd card with map updates ( not Mercedes’ original but bought after I bought car)from 2016 glc can it be swapped over

    Bought 2016 glc and had to buy a garmin sd card with 3 yrs maps update from independent seller put it in and words great. Can I swap this over to another Mercedes’ or now it’s fitted to glc is that it for life.
  2. mercmancdi

    Bought another car today vw Touareg R line

    Bought a 2017 Touareg R line today Few yrs ago had the older model but this is a great improvement 3.0 v6 , it’s in pure white non metallic with 20” black gloss wheels. Going to try and keep this one for a good while , comes as vw car with 2 yrs warranty direct from vw and 2 mots and 2 yrs...
  3. mercmancdi

    How do I know what card to buy for garmin unit

    Hi nov 2016 glc with the set up for garim card for nav etc. How do I know what to buy. And is there a upto date one etc or one that adds anything. thanks.
  4. mercmancdi

    2017 GLC 74000 mls is it too much to

    2017 glc 2.1 / 168 bhp /. 74000 mls full history 1 owner , is this too many mls too quickly for a small engine in heavy car , Any owners of same model are they getting 40 mpg normal runs. (hope this is posted in correct place , please move if wrong. ) thanks.
  5. mercmancdi

    Any reason can’t use this oil in 2015 cls 220 bluetec

    Does not name M B have 8 ltrs sitting / would be ok in 2015 cls 2,2 bluetec stop / start. Or should I say would it do any harm , I change around every 7-8000 mls
  6. mercmancdi

    Can indi with star check back dates of previous services

    2014 E 350 with 84000 mls can a indi with proper star check exact dates of last 3-4 oil changes or services. Or can a i car soft be capable of bring service record dates up. Have 3 mb services but then seems done at local garages .
  7. mercmancdi


    What’s this actually mean on data card is it just a software update to this gear box. ? A98 TRANSMISSION SOFTWARE RETROFIT
  8. mercmancdi

    If you have black edition does it show on data card ?

    I have 220 amg premium with glossy black finish on the grille crossbar trim as well as gloss black side mirrors and windows. 18-inch AMG alloys. What else makes the black edition , anywhere on mine that is usually silver or chrome finish is all gloss black. Including from bottom trim on...
  9. mercmancdi

    Saw this mint condition 280 today

    Saw this mercedes Benz 280 today in Ballyclare totally mint , beautiful condition, wish I could have saw owner to ask for better pictures .
  10. mercmancdi

    Pre-Wiring for Garmin Map Pilot Navigation System,

    Saw car with nav fitted but it ad it states Pre-Wiring for Garmin Map Pilot Navigation System, What is the meaning of this I know it’s audio 20 with nav button etc so is sat nav there or to be added.
  11. mercmancdi

    Speed limit on screen of 2015 cls ?

    Is there a screen in 2015 cls amg premium with command that shows speed limits on rds . I ran through menus but can’t seem to find it. Or is there none.
  12. mercmancdi

    Intelligent lighting inoperative but after good drive fault goes away

    2015 Cls 220 amg. ( not drove much in last couple of mths ) Would a poor auxiliary battery cause a fault showing intelligence lighting inoperative as when I drive 10 or so mls leave car for 10 minutes etc come back faults gone until I leave next day then fault returns.every time it gets a decent...
  13. mercmancdi

    What is illegal parking regarding foot paths and driveways.

    I have cars parking about 3-6 metres on footpath to right of my driveway entrance, unfortunately there’s a brow of a hill about 30 metres from my entrance but with the cars parked there I am well over the middle of Rd before I can see if any cars are coming , it’s a bit risky getting out having...
  14. mercmancdi

    Actuator on left head light blocked ?

    2015 cls amg showing fault left side actuator blocked. Any idea what , where this is or what it means. thanks. I am getting the reading on screen intelligence lighting inoperable.
  15. mercmancdi

    Would space saver from 07 E class fit

    Would this wheel fit a 2015 cls amg. Taken from a 2007 Mercedes E270 CDi. (May suit other cars but please check beforehand. The part number is 'A211 401 25 02'
  16. mercmancdi

    Exterior of car wrapped ( insurance)

    Does exterior of a car wrapped effect insurance or do they even need to know change of colour as it’s no effecting power etc. thanks. Sorry been away a while with death in family and bit of ill health but up and on the go again.
  17. mercmancdi

    Any landrover range 3.6 tdv8 owners

    Info about blanking egrs on this engine only 67000 mls so would now be good time to do it. Will it put a light on or do any turbo harm etc.
  18. mercmancdi

    Changing rear coil spring on 07 cls 320 cdi advice

    Going to fit new springs in rear of my 07 cls 320 , I usually disconnected all joints at wheel to drop arm down to get spring out But guy said today if use single spring clamp up centre of spring and only take the one bolt out of bottom arm at the inner mount ( not at wheel ) then with the...
  19. mercmancdi

    Can this play dvd 527 COMAND DVD APS WITH NAVIGATION

    Sorry if asked before. should this play dvds. 527 COMAND DVD APS WITH NAVIGATION
  20. mercmancdi

    Is it ok to mix 2 brands of oil both mb 229.51

    Any harm in mixing 2 brands of oil both 5/40 mb 229.51.
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