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  1. John Jones Jr

    PC purchase advice, help!

    Hello one & all. I need to gain some wisdom on purchasing a PC. I'm far from up to speed on these things, there seems to be something new every other day on offer. I never buy my own as the business replaces it every few years, thus I far from a fountain of knowledge on the subject. This...
  2. John Jones Jr

    Diesel scrappage scheme

    This might be of particular interest to owners of older diesels. £8,500 for YOUR old banger: Ministers plan HUGE scrappage scheme for diesel cars and vans | Cars | Life & Style |
  3. John Jones Jr

    Business question.

    Guys, I'm in the process of setting a business colleague up as an agent for a large international company. The job is commission based only but all expenses are covered by the company. The projected sales T/O for the first year will be £35-40k p.m., so my question is what would you consider a...
  4. John Jones Jr


    I've been meaning to post these photos for a while. Taken in the Prototyp Museum. It's well worth seeing if in Hamburg, it's a small place as museums go but every laid back and most enjoyable for a couple of hours. Automuseum Prototyp Hamburg | Home Also ten minutes walk away is MINIATUR...
  5. John Jones Jr

    eBay GSP (Global Shipping Programme)

    Guys, Can anybody enlighten me as what this eBay GSP actually is? Is it anything to take note of? I ask as everytime I buy something on eBay and it delivered by the GSP system eBay make a big fanfare out of it, loads of emails and I always seem to receive an email telling me the item is...
  6. John Jones Jr

    Paul Rosche R.I.P.

    If the name doesn't ring a bell, it's worth having a read of this: The Man Responsible For BMW's Incredible Motorsport Engines Has Died
  7. John Jones Jr

    Got myself one these!

    Honest I've never had any aspirations to be a hairdresser and thank goodness I still don't but I've always had a hankering for a small open top sports car. So, in the end it came down to a Honda S2000 or a Mazda MX5. The little Mazda ended up getting the nod thanks impart to a massive...
  8. John Jones Jr

    German road signage!

  9. John Jones Jr

    Jay Leno having a roll with an 80 year old!
  10. John Jones Jr

    Lovely W124

    1991/J - Mercedes 300E-24 W124, 40k miles, FSH, Sportline. 500E AMG Cosworth | eBay
  11. John Jones Jr

    Period Stereos

    This site maybe or some interest to those with older M-B's. Mercedes E-Klasse W124 MP3 Autoradios -
  12. John Jones Jr

    Water/Meth Injection Kit purchased.

    Following on from this thread I purchased a Snow Performance kit, this one: Stage 2 MAF/MAP Water-Methanol Injection System Another eBay special offer @ $399 and free shipping within the U.S. (which happens to...
  13. John Jones Jr

    Need help with engine part numbers, please.

    Guys, I'M having problems getting onto the EPC, could someone kindly post a parts diagram and part numbers for me? W202 C230K. WDB2020242F778891 I need: Crank pulley bolt, woodruff key and front crank oil seal. Thanks in advance.
  14. John Jones Jr

    Nice CLK convertible.

    Summer fun? Looks good. For Sale Mercedes-Benz CLK230 Elegance Cabriolet
  15. John Jones Jr

    Nice Spring/Summer German classic project.

    Came across this. Might be of interest to somebody here looking for a nice handy classic project. 1988 Porsche 924S Cardiff £4,000 | Retro Rides
  16. John Jones Jr

    Have a look. Loads of stuff and things you don't need!

    Still, it might be handy site to know about. Online Shopping for Cool Gadgets, RC helicopter & Quadcopter, Mobile phone, Fashion at
  17. John Jones Jr

    Motoring magazines. Is it just me?

    Firstly Happy Christmas and New Year to one and all. :thumb: So, my annual subscription for Car magazine expired last year and I didn't bother to renew it. I'm unsure why I didn't as I've been purchasing the magazine since 1981/82. Anyway, I purchased both December and January's editions for...
  18. John Jones Jr

    Rapid Headlight Restoration. This might be worth a try?

    Twenty20 Crystalite - Rapid Headlight Restoration
  19. John Jones Jr

    M1 Cash cameras.

    Bedfordshire Police: Speed cameras and sponsorship 'may fund police' - BBC News
  20. John Jones Jr

    Timber inlay on garage concrete floor????????

    Guys, Ideally, I'd like to inlay 2''/50mm thick wooden planks into a garage floor. Basically my idea is to pour the floor but include a 2'' drop 600mm away from the walls all the way around. The floor area is 30x20', the timber floor would be 28'x18'. Am I mad and just making work for...
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