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  1. sl300 ireland

    w124 estate

    must be 1988 ,87,86 nothing newer any condition
  2. sl300 ireland

    15inch Mexican hats

    As above 15inch mexican hats wanted can collect anywhere in the UK,have a base in Birmingham Please PM me
  3. sl300 ireland

    w115 rear and front bumper

    as it says both wanted or has anyone bought a new one and where
  4. sl300 ireland

    w124 E500

    Used Mercedes-benz 500 Saloon 5.0 Se 4dr in Birmingham, West Midlands | W.D.M. Cars
  5. sl300 ireland

    308d van door cards

    Anyone know where I might get them want an ashtray aswell
  6. sl300 ireland

    300d on ebay

    MERCEDES BENZ 300D MANUAL DIESEL 1985 88,000 MILES BLUE MOT AND TAX | eBay went to view this, Rust on every panel engine smoking leaks in boot, front floor No history whatsoever for anything The man selling it a complete bull sh1tter Why waste peoples time with lies,
  7. sl300 ireland

    1963 fintail 220s cant get the link to work ???????
  8. sl300 ireland

    1963 220s piston rings

    1963 220s fintail piston rings, i know its a long shot but you never know,or somewhere that would make them,forget the main dealers crazy prices
  9. sl300 ireland

    w124 melber wheels

    Pulverbeschichtet,W201,W124,Melber,KBA42114,F190F,7Jx15H2,ET35, | eBay anyone know anything about these wheels are they good value,I was told in Germany they are very rare
  10. sl300 ireland

    Genuine Brabus e500 6.5 157miles

    Brabus Selling 6.5 Sports Sedan Based on the W124 Mercedes-Benz E500 with Just 252km on the Odo - Carscoop if those six numbers came up
  11. sl300 ireland

    strange listing

    eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  12. sl300 ireland

    bargain slr not on ebay

    $9 Million Mercedes McLaren SLR 999 Red Gold Dream For Sale Photo Gallery (Ueli Anliker Mercedes McLaren SLR 999 Red Gold Dream 2) | eMercedesBenz :crazy::crazy:
  13. sl300 ireland

    brabus w124 estate?

    Item number: 200659106485 make youre own mind up ?
  14. sl300 ireland

    how wrong is this

    230680571651 on ebay :eek:
  15. sl300 ireland

    Birmingham Indie WDM Cars Perry bar

    Provide a good sevice for all mercedes,was very happy with their work nice people to deal with aswell :thumb: from me
  16. sl300 ireland

    becker europa radio/cas 1980s/mexico/grand prix

  17. sl300 ireland

    becker europa radio/cas 1980s

    if anyone has one for sale let me know or a period blaupunkt thanks
  18. sl300 ireland

    w123 charity run on 21.08.11 in Ireland

    W123s only on run Departing from Kincora hall hotel Killaloe Co.Clare at 11:45am sharp. Departing from Shannon oaks hotel Portumna Co Galway at 2:15pm sharp. As vehicles are not normally permitted in the castle grounds all w123's must enter and leave the grounds at the same time...
  19. sl300 ireland

    w115 220d gearbox 1974

    where is the best placeto have a gearbox overhauled, for a car this age
  20. sl300 ireland

    waxing tips

    is this to much
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