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  1. Y15HAL

    R129 & R107 :)

    Father and Son went on an outing over the weekend when the weather was nice :) @S11YBM
  2. Y15HAL

    W124 320CE Idle/Misfire

    Good Morning All, I have a 94 320CE with 104k on the clock. I bought original service parts and gave her a service a few weeks ago, started her up and all seemed well. When driving her properly recently i noticed a slight flutter in the revs, not much at all, but it is there. It could be a...
  3. Y15HAL

    Wheel Bolts for facelift R107

    Good Afternoon, Does anyone know what size wheel bolts are required for a facelift SL? The car currently has the incorrect wheels and I plan to put the period correct ones on, but the bolts don’t fit Picture for reference :) I’ve had a look at a few places online (alloy wheels direct etc)...
  4. Y15HAL

    R107 ABS Sensor/Speed Sensor

    Good Afternoon All :) I am in need of an front driver side ABS Sensor for my 500SL. I know the Mercedes Dealer in Poole is able to get it in from Germany, but I've been trying to get hold of them for the last week without success. Does anyone know if an aftermarket sensor would be any good...
  5. Y15HAL

    OZ Mercedes 15" Alloy Wheels

    I have these for sale, in very good condition, looks like they have been refurbished fairly recently. I'm not sure on the value of these, but will put up a price, but am open to sensible offers. These look like the standard wheels which fit the W124 and W201 (potentially more) and are made by...
  6. Y15HAL

    Anybody in/around Brislington/Bristol?

    Good Afternoon All. I needed a massive favour from someone who is in/around Brislington/Bristol area. If you are, can you send me a PM and i'll go through the details :) Thanks, Vishal
  7. Y15HAL


    Good Afternoon All, Hope you're all enjoying the sunshine! :D Just wondered if any of you were on Instagram? If so, be sure to follow a new page co-created by myself and two brothers.......It's for lovers of German classics - mainly Mercedes :D and *cough* BMW *cough* ⛔ @deutsche_classics...
  8. Y15HAL

    Wheel Refurbishment help and recommendations in/around London/Essex

    I have a set of AMG two-piece alloy wheels which are in need of a tidy up. With the lips, whats the best to go for? Polished/polished with clear coat/chrome? Just want something with relatively easy maintenance and is going to last..... Assume powder coating is best for the centres/barrels...
  9. Y15HAL

    Footman James/ W124

    I'm trying to get a W124 covered by Footman James, but apparently, this isn't something that they can cover as it doesn't fall into the criteria, and doesn't allow them to process it on their system :wallbash: Spoke to two different people with the same outcome! A friend of mine has had a 124...
  10. Y15HAL

    SEC - Kickdown Issue...

    Good Evening All, I went to view an (89) SEC today, car looked fairly clean, needs to be fettled with a little to get a few bits sorted (as do most cars)..... Took the car for a test drive, everything seemed fine, until i tried kickdown - there was a weird crunching noise :| This seemed to...
  11. Y15HAL

    Soft top cleaning/protection

    Good Afternoon, What are people using for soft top cleaning/protection? I've read that Renovo or Fabsil are meant to be pretty good..... Just thought i'd post on people's cleaning/protecting processes :) Thanks, Vishal
  12. Y15HAL

    R129 18" Two Piece AMG Wheels

    This is a bit of a long shot, but if you don't ask....... Does anyone have a set of these taking up space in their garage? I missed out on a set last week..... :( They're pretty rare now, but don't want to spend crazy money on them.....
  13. Y15HAL

    Thoughts on car colour

    I bought an SL towards the end of last year, and am looking into adding something else into the collection..... I like the 123, and have seen a brown one for sale.... I never used to like the colour, but i quite like it now, and think it goes nice with the era of the car.... What are people's...
  14. Y15HAL

    Machine Polisher Issue

    Good Morning All, I've had a DAS6 for a number of years, and it's not really seen any use.... I thought i'd give the car a once over today, but when switching the polisher on, the power is fine, but as soon as i touch the pad on the car, it loses most of it's power.....I'm not putting too much...
  15. Y15HAL

    Bird Poop

    Good Morning All :) I'm getting a little pee'd off with the amount of bird poop i'm having to clear off from the car, seems to be a daily occurrence! :wallbash: Anyone else have the same issue? I've read before that it's not advised to have a car cover on the car, as moisture can get...
  16. Y15HAL

    R129 Storage Advice

    Good Morning All, I bought an R129 a few weeks ago, and want to store it away for the winter months..... I'm in the process of looking for garage to rent to be able to store the car as i don't have a garage attached to my property. Chances are that it won't have power in the garage, so i...
  17. Y15HAL

    Car Mats

    Picked myself up an SL500 (R129) the other day, and it came with some original mats with it, but they're beige in colour. Thought i'd put a black set on top/replace the ones that are there just to protect whats underneath. I'm not after genuine, or want to spend a fortune, so something mid...
  18. Y15HAL

    R129 Car Cover

    Bit of a long shot, but wondered if anyone had an outdoor car cover. Needed for the time being until i find a garage. Thanks, Vishal
  19. Y15HAL

    R129 Monoblocks

    Was after a set of straight monoblocks, not interested in ones which have been welded, or buckled. Condition not too important :) Thanks, Vishal
  20. Y15HAL

    Anyone in/near Solihull?

    Good Afternoon All, Does anyone live in/around Solihull? Need a favour if at all possible Thanks Vishal
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