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  1. ironsheik

    AMG Rear Bumper

    If this is inappropriate for the forum then I apologise in advance. I just had to share it.. :thumb:..
  2. ironsheik

    Why 40mpg?

    Just curious to know why when you reset the "From Start" on the dashboard, the mpg is 40? Is there a specific reason for this?
  3. ironsheik

    Found in Philippines.. Which Model Is This?

    Taken in the Philippines recently.. What is it?
  4. ironsheik

    Aluminium Dust Caps Will Not Move.. HELP.

    Wanted to check air pressure in tyres, dust caps will not budge, tried pliers and still no luck.. As im using the pliers, the actual rubber valve was twisting as well, so had to stop that as I dont want to damage them.. Any ideas? i dont want to fork out for a set of new tyres...
  5. ironsheik

    Arnolds MB Truck..

    Arnold Schwarzenegger’s monster truck | The Sun |Showbiz|Bizarre
  6. ironsheik

    Car Lashes?

    never seen these things before, but today I saw three different cars with lashes..:confused: Is it a trend at the moment?
  7. ironsheik


    szNLMtgI7hU Heard of the company, but never thought they were pretty much dominating the world..:confused:
  8. ironsheik

    Safety Recall...

    I received a letter from MB this morning telling me to book my car into the workshop asap because there is an urgent safety recall on certain diesel models.. "Diesel fuel leak may develop at the fuel filter assembly.. Inspect and replace if necessary." Anyone else?
  9. ironsheik

    smell Of Burning Rubber?

    every now and again after a long drive, I park up, get out and can smell what can only be described as burning rubber usually from around the rear of the car. I checked the tyres (and even sniffed them:dk:) they are not hot and don't smell.. whats causing this?
  10. ironsheik

    The Beano...

    Does anyone remember how much The Beano Comic cost in the eighties? Only asking because it came up in a conversation recently and nobody knew the answer even though we all read it as kids.....
  11. ironsheik

    Mercedes Apologises In The U.S.

    Mercedes related news I was reading so I thought i'd share... Mercedes' Apology For Use Of Che Guevara Photo To Promote Luxury Cars Does Little To Quiet Outcry | Fox News
  12. ironsheik

    Modified Vito...

    Mercedes-Benz Vito - Modified Luxury Van | By VILNER | Not Bad Eh.......
  13. ironsheik

    Mobile Body work recommendations in Manchester.

    As the title suggests, anybody know any decent repair shops which are mobile for smart repairs in the Manchester area?/ thanks...
  14. ironsheik

    Massaging Seat Covers..

    As I see massage seats are an option in expensive models on MBs.. Does anyone use one of these (or similar) in their car? Car/Home/Office Heated Massage Chair Seat Cushion New | eBay If so, are they effective?
  15. ironsheik

    dealer discounts from buying new..

    Friends and family always tell me, when buying a car from a dealership, haggle with them so you get around 10% of the asking price.... In the end they want to make the sale, so most of the time they will accept it.. just curious how many of you guys have had a good discount from the dealers...
  16. ironsheik

    Just Read The Description...

    TomTom GO 700 Automotive GPS Receiver | eBay
  17. ironsheik

    Las Vegas.....

    Anybody been to Vegas?? Im going in a few days.. Any advice/stories to share?
  18. ironsheik

    Steve Jobs Resigns....

    Interesting.... But his health in recent times was not good... BBC News - Apple boss Steve Jobs to be replaced by Tim Cook
  19. ironsheik

    Comand specialists in the North West?

    Just wondering if there are any companies similar to Comand online based in the North west.. thanks...
  20. ironsheik

    MPG Inquiry..

    Last weekend went from: Manchester - Bradford - London - Brighton - Bradford - Manchester This was the first real test of my first diesel motor.. Filled the tank before I left and needed to refill when i reached Bradford on the way back.. on the motorways did no more than 85... Also i...
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