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  1. sl300 ireland

    w124 estate

    must be 1988 ,87,86 nothing newer any condition
  2. sl300 ireland

    w116: Bono's cow-hide interior

    Thats 100% his car,was sold for 60,000 at a charity auction previously
  3. sl300 ireland

    W124 E300TD, stunning example

    W124 Funeral car colour that,kills the price.Have noticed that 124s dont seem to be making the money they were??
  4. sl300 ireland

    w123 300td...260k miles

    Hes wired to the moon,must of seen it up there
  5. sl300 ireland

    15inch Mexican hats

    As above 15inch mexican hats wanted can collect anywhere in the UK,have a base in Birmingham Please PM me
  6. sl300 ireland

    W123 w124 w210 etc

    How much for the sheepskin covers
  7. sl300 ireland

    Low miles 500E £19K

    Tidy car that,I think the AMG kit looks good! but then again I wouldnt option it,fine line some of these kits can become tacky very quickly,some of the Jap imports are just to much!
  8. sl300 ireland

    W124 1994 e500

    All those jap lorinsers look like pure tack to me,no class over the top tat
  9. sl300 ireland

    w115 rear and front bumper

    missed it ?thanks for reply
  10. sl300 ireland

    W124 500E - put a deposit down.

    Have as new drivers mat for 500e used for 1 month only, PM an offer
  11. sl300 ireland

    w115 rear and front bumper

    Dont all rush with offers
  12. sl300 ireland

    w115 rear and front bumper

    as it says both wanted or has anyone bought a new one and where
  13. sl300 ireland

    Motorway lane discipline - would these help?

    I think thats the issue they think they are good drivers in Uk,but in truth very poor, dont get me started about how they cant drive in the rain.
  14. sl300 ireland

    Motorway lane discipline - would these help?

    The standard of driving in the UK is poor vs europe,drivers in the uk feel its ok to sit in the middle lane,especially in road works @45 or on the phone,in my experiance never flash as they go slower,as they think this is highly amusing very sad individuals.hate driving through it every week
  15. sl300 ireland

    w124 E500

    A members only event!!!! W124 day
  16. sl300 ireland

    w124 E500

    As you said looking forward to meeting you at 124 day,you can point out anything you missed then,
  17. sl300 ireland

    w124 E500

    there Pirelli ? That car is not facelifted it left the factory as is the L plate is a private plate, because it was imported in 1997 its allowed :rolleyes:
  18. sl300 ireland

    w124 E500

    5,600 miles a year from new high miler?, 23 year old car with the history,not a jap import either if that matters,bought new in Berlin and imported to UK in 1997 a bit more mileage? owner used it ? speedo is ok as has KM/miles
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