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  1. Dr-Nab

    Carbon fibre mirror covers

    Mercedes carbon fibre mirror covers. W204, W212, C207, A207, X204, W221. These are high quality carbon fibre mirrors manufactured by BOCA carbon, as fitted to many C63 or E63 models. I had these as a spare set for when I had my E-class convertible, they've never been fitted so are as new...
  2. Dr-Nab

    Carbon diffuser C207/A207 AMG bumper

    Carbon Fibre 3-fin diffuser for Mercedes E-Class Coupe or Cabriolet fitted with the AMG-Sport pack, this will only fit the AMG bumpers. Has clip fixings into the bumper along with screw points as per the OEM fitment as shown in the pictures. The carbon weave is top quality 3k twill, pre...
  3. Dr-Nab

    Gone to the dark side...

    *Puts on flameproof coat* And got myself an Audi S5 TFSI. Had pretty much every option box ticked and Audi Exclusive Sprint Blue paint. Obviously will be tuning it up, when I'm used to it. Got to be truthful, only had it for six days and I've taken to it much more than the E-Cabrio...
  4. Dr-Nab

    Sprintbooster Gen 2 switchable

    Taken from my E-cabrio (350CDI) Sprintbooster gen 2 switchable, 452A - Automatic transmission only £100 inc postage
  5. Dr-Nab

    GL350 Bluetec X166

    Arrived at the dealer late last week just went to have a look earlier on and it is everything I hoped and more, very big presence can't wait to get it next week. :bannana::D:bannana::D
  6. Dr-Nab

    Fire hydrants and their uses...

    Hey everyone so I'm stumped as to who else should use these other than the emergency services. There is a hydrant just across the road from me which I've seen the fire service use when a neighbours house went up in flames a couple of years ago, since then nothing. Until a couple of...
  7. Dr-Nab

    Facelift W212 E220CDI SE lease deal may interest some folks

    Hey everyone thought I'd post this as it just got emailed through to me at work. Car Leasing Network have got 6 facelift E220 CDI SE, all silver with black leather & sat nav (doesn't state whether comand or not) but on 6+23 10k pa £249.99 + vat business or personal Seems pretty reasonable for...
  8. Dr-Nab

    Cloud 9 cars meet at Giltbrook 7th April 2013

    Thought I'd post a few pictures from this today, I only went for some food then grabbed a coffee and noticed a lot of nice looking motors in a section of the car park so went to investigate further, here's what I found. The Mercedes contribution to keep it relevant: And for the rest,
  9. Dr-Nab

    Autosport International Show @ NEC

    Hey everyone, Anybody heading up to this at all? One of my friends is there at the minute via some trade passes and keeps sending me random images, looks like a decent set up this year so wondered if anyone is headed to the NEC for it? I'm tempted to go tomorrow but the weather forecast...
  10. Dr-Nab

    Alcon brakes

    I know they make the Brabus brakes so wondered how everyone finds them and if anyone has dealt directly with Alcon UK? I keep thinking whether I should or shouldn't go for some big[ger] brakes on my E-Class - have been doing for a while but figured since Christmas is around the corner might...
  11. Dr-Nab

    Potential 280SL Pagoda project?

    I'd be a bit weary of zero feedback but if all the parts are there it could be a good buy for someone who is after a Pagoda Mercedes 280SL Pagoda Unfinished Project | eBay
  12. Dr-Nab

    C209 CLK rear spoilers anyone...?

    A friend just messaged this to me... just can't quite find the words to describe it! Bet it is rapid though!! :crazy:
  13. Dr-Nab

    W203 C209 A209 Vath quad exhausts

    could be of use to someone on here? Edelstahl Duplex Sport Auspuff ( VÄTH ) MERCEDES /W203/W209/ C / CLK | eBay
  14. Dr-Nab

    Carlsson bodywork..

    Hey everyone, just a quick question really - had an opportunity to get a Carlsson front lip for my E-cab so pulled the trigger on it as the deal was pretty good, does anyone have any experience with Carlsson stuff for the quality, fitment etc? I know they make some hideous creations and if that...
  15. Dr-Nab

    21" AMG alloys with Pirelli Scorpion Zero rubber

    Hey everyone just a quick warning out to everyone who have got AMG or Mercedes OEM alloys on their ML or GL's with Pirelli Scorpion Zero tyres on, mine run 295/40/21 tyres as an MO fitment. Had a blowout today from the inside edge of the n/s/f, turns out that the edge of the tyre has completely...
  16. Dr-Nab

    spotted my E-cab... on ebay

    2009-2012 Mercedes W207 C207 E Class Coupe Black /Chrome Grill AMG E63 E250 E350 | eBay Well someone's using the pictures of it!!
  17. Dr-Nab

    Interesting Brabus badge.....

    Badges that you only get from the full conversions on the newer models if anyone's interested and have got rather deep pockets.. eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  18. Dr-Nab

    V6 CDI and Coolant, how much does yours use?

    So I've had issues before on my E-class cabrio with the coolant - after 2 weeks/200 miles I had warning lights come up saying to top coolant up etc, checked the engine bay there was what looked like coolant sprayed around the bay where the tank sits but oddly the cap was as tight as it needed to...
  19. Dr-Nab

    Stance and stretched tyres

    Obviously people will always tune new cars up regardless whether it's an individual or a company and I realise that in the euro-scene everyone is trying to put the widest wheels on with stretched tyres but does it suit a Mercedes? Had a rather enthusiastic old friend tell me it would look great...
  20. Dr-Nab

    Clicking sound from N/S/R wheel on A207 E350 CDI

    Evening all, just a quick one... Recently refitted my AMG 18s and now I've noticed a clicking sound coming from the right rear wheel only at all speeds and in drive or reverse, it's like a plastic clicking sound when the wheel rotates, can't see a great deal right now (can't be bothered to take...
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