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  1. mattk1

    Four years since I bought my W204 !

    Mine too, what a brilliant all-rounder. Had mine since Dec '16, put nearly 60k on it and other than a recent lambda sensor it hasn't missed a beat. Can't praise it highly enough. Matt :thumb:
  2. mattk1

    To badge or not to badge that is the question

    I removed all the badges on my SL63 as soon as I bought it, even had the wing side vents filled-in and sprayed. It's just my personal preference. Matt :thumb:
  3. mattk1

    Have You Seen Any Interesting Cars On The Road Lately?

    Saw this beautiful, rare 365 GT4 BB the other day, having just been at Joe Macari's for some work. Lovely blue leather interior and the driver/mechanic I spoke to said it was a great machine to drive, even around town. Matt :thumb:
  4. mattk1

    Should I get a w205 C63 over a w204 C350cdi AMG?

    Hi Spice, get your C350 CDI re-mapped (by a company that knows what they are doing obviously). I have exactly the same car as you, a 2012 C350 Cdi sport, got it re-mapped by Acid @ MSL and totally love it now. It's bloody quick, returns 43-46 mpg however I drive, but it still looks like a normal...
  5. mattk1

    New member with a CL55 and CL63

    :ttiuwp Matt :thumb:
  6. mattk1

    W202 Dash trim

    YEP! All offers considered. Matt
  7. mattk1

    Feedback on 265hp C350 Cdi remaps please.

    Hi 'Spice' search the forum for remapping E350 CDI. Matt :thumb:
  8. mattk1

    Wildly different figures/claims when remapping an E350 CDI

    Hi Ed, no offence taken :thumb: The car certainly is fun but in a very different way to a petrol engined one, it's all about torque and not revs as you know. A bit of 'sleeper' too that has surprised more than a couple fast cars in the past. Kind regards Matt
  9. mattk1

    W202 Dash trim

    FOC to established members a walnut faced trim piece for the top dash panel. Very good condition with all fixing studs attached, just missing one nut. It could be painted or wrapped to suit your needs etc. Collection only from either Aldershot or Wandsworth areas. Kind regards Matt
  10. mattk1

    Wildly different figures/claims when remapping an E350 CDI

    Hi Ted? My car has no other mods whatsoever - I have fitted some BMC filters (honestly can't remember if was before or after re-mapping, but only fitted those for re-userbility), other than that a bog standard 2012 C350CDI 265BHP Sport saloon. Below is a graph page of some of the different maps...
  11. mattk1

    Wildly different figures/claims when remapping an E350 CDI

    Personally I wouldn't go anywhere else other than MSL Birmingham. I have used them a number of times for various tuning needs including my 2012 C350 CDI. Due to his tenacity and dogged determination for perfection it took Acid the best part of a whole day to re-map, dyno and tweak my car...
  12. mattk1

    Mercedes Me + Collision Detected

    Sounds like you left your wallet on the roof Dave :) Only joking mate, hope you're well (and safe). Looking forward to meeting up asap, Matt
  13. mattk1

    Bargain breaker bar - Grab it Quick !!

    Me too for FFX! Always good price & stock. Matt :thumb:
  14. mattk1

    Few of the e55 after a 300 mile round trip o Kings Lynn, Hunstanton

    Don't worry Gav, we all know! (just jealous of your OCD really). Hope the young'uns are all ok, kind regards Matt :thumb:
  15. mattk1


    Exactly as per title and photos. On eBay for £50 but discount for established members. Works perfectly. Collection from either Aldershot or Wandsworth areas. Matt :thumb:
  16. mattk1

    Gl450 sound system upgrade

    Give Command in Lightwater, Surrey a shout. They are forum sponsors and specialists at this kind of thing and although maybe a bit far for you they'll certainly give you good advice or point you in the right direction. KR Matt :thumb:
  17. mattk1

    MINT CL55k

    It might appear a good one if you just 'skim read' the advert, but there are a number of alarm bells ringing. First and foremost the lack of any explanation as what has happened to the car during the last 7 or 8 years? As 'pmcgsmurf' mentioned the missing 6 years MOT? These are the kind of cars...
  18. mattk1


    Correct, the pump is engine driven. I wouldn't worry too much & agree with Gav (merc85) to get the engine running first, do some up & down functions and leave the car to settle overnight. Good luck, Matt :thumb:
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