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  1. Grovsie31

    C55 AMG estate incoming

    Very cool, congrats on the car. Ive not been on the forum for ages, but read the whole thread. Fair play for importing 1 that takes some balls lol. I had 2 C55's myself, and 320 diesels weren't a match in my ownership. lol
  2. Grovsie31

    CLK55: Secondary cat delete, MOTs and Track Days

    Should be fine. I ran 2x C55's with secondary cat and res delete. I took 1 on track twice at Oulton park, but it only has the resonator delete at the time. It was miles away from the limit. They only test it at 3-4k revs whilst parked up, I cant see it being a problem on a track either, after...
  3. Grovsie31


    Question should be why do i have a diesel doing 4k miles a year.
  4. Grovsie31

    1/4mile and Perhaps Top speed List?

    Course not. Michelin Pilot 4S on the rear....... £2500 around there. My tuner will tune the car for just 100 dollars if i upgraded the turbo's lol. To be honest the car is plenty quick enough as it is. It really needs a BIRDS Diff, i might treat myself next year to one, and im not sure how...
  5. Grovsie31

    1/4mile and Perhaps Top speed List?

    Ah that explains it a bit heh. Still great runs......Yeah I really need to lower my tyres and do a burnout next time, just don't like doing it lol. Yep just FBO, stock snails. Traction is the biggest issue. Once rolling its pretty quick.
  6. Grovsie31

    1/4mile and Perhaps Top speed List?

    Smed 1.69 is amazing 60ft time, how the hell you manage that? Semi slicks? My best was 12.6 @ 116mph with a 2.4 60ft. Sure if i can get a better launch i can get low 12's, so pretty pleased. I did see a silver E55, and a black E55 with MSL stickers on.
  7. Grovsie31

    "Brutus" the e55k Project

    Well thats a shame Gaz, but needs must. Gutted you werent selling this when i was looking for a car in May, ive told you before, id of had it in a heartbeat. Too late now ive gelled with the 335i lol
  8. Grovsie31

    1/4mile and Perhaps Top speed List?

    Changed the date, im hopefully going this Sunday. Low 11's yeah thats serious, they must have uprated turbo's. Im currently running 455bhp and 480lbs/ft, stock turbo's, just FBO with a custom map. Hoping for mid 12's....
  9. Grovsie31

    1/4mile and Perhaps Top speed List?

    Hey well im pretty sure ill be there. Ill keep an eye out for a silver E55. Ill be in a black E92 BMW.
  10. Grovsie31

    1/4mile and Perhaps Top speed List?

    Anyone interested in going on 22nd October? Was planning on going myself.
  11. Grovsie31

    Loving the E55 right now.

    But that's why you bought a diesel to save money. That makes you a bit lame. :D
  12. Grovsie31

    OMG What's Happened to the Forum...

    Its pretty hideous IMO. Also quoting a post seems odd.
  13. Grovsie31

    W209 Clk55 Decat pipes or pipe diameter

    Remove the resonator as well, while your at it.
  14. Grovsie31

    c63 AMG collectors?

    Surely a E63 is the answer?
  15. Grovsie31

    Got the 190, now the daily's arrived.

    Cracking motor.:eek:
  16. Grovsie31

    c63 AMG collectors?

    Hang on let me get my crystal ball out....... Seriously its not a classic Bugatti, if you want to make money on something buy another house.
  17. Grovsie31

    E63 or CLS63

    Haha agreed just shame about the horrible wheels.
  18. Grovsie31

    What Motors Have You Owned?

    Honda Civic EP3 Honda Integra DC5 Honda Civic Type S 2.2 CDTI Mercedes C55 Mercedes C55 BMW 335i
  19. Grovsie31

    Hello, goodbye...

    An SL63 to a Maccan. Geesh you really have given up on life there haven't you.:thumb:
  20. Grovsie31

    Who do you insure you ** amg with?

    A Plan, Adrian Flux, Sky, Chris Knott.
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