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    Mercedes Coding 7G Auto Gear Box

    Hello fellow MB owners Guys ,I own a 2006 E280 ,the car started with limp mode until one day got stuck in one gear. The garages i visited suggested a new/second hand gear box. I got it and the same garage said they can fix it .But three weeks on they said they cant fix it now .MB said...
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    Replaced the gearbox

    Hello guys , I came here with a E280 a couple months ago with limp mode .I took the car for repair,Gearbos was fault and needed a new one . The garage cant code it ,can anyone advice how much is it likely to cost to get my gearbox coded. Actually i dont know what it means . someone help me...
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    Car wont change Gears:Gears locked : Auto 2006 ,E280

    Hello guys I am new to this forum. I own 2006 ,E280 , Recently the car will take 3 or 4 kicks to start in the morning. Then the gear started to be funny and gearbox has locked , and stuck in high gear. What can i do to unlock the grarbox, something to do with pressure. Any help would...
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    lighting problems

    hi guys I am new to this site and Mercedes world. I got a Mercedes E280 2006 model diesel,the engine is sound ,but the lights- rear right,rear left ,brake lights just came on the dash and i checked them and all are working fine ,it says second or reserve light is in use. the wheels...
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