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  1. effbee584

    E class W212 drivers - what made you choose over BMW/Audi/Jag

    Bought a 3.0 S XF a year ago rather than changing the 7yr old CLS for a W212. After a year, although I really like the XF, don't feel re-assured by build quality and panel fit, touch screen is very poor. Not had any problem at all, and how they get such a good ride on 20" wheels and 35 profile...
  2. effbee584

    DAB radio reception

    2 year old Jag XF (3.0 ltr twin turbo S since you ask) DAB and FM perfect. Comments anticipated with interest.
  3. effbee584

    Pointless Car Adverts

    I am puzzled that in the adverts enticing us to buy a new car, manufacturers will use a generic picture of a model from the range, which is fine, usually without any reference to a price, and then add, in mostly small print, the range of fuel consumption figures for the whole range. In The Times...
  4. effbee584

    Police motorbiker accident

    How is he? When and Where?
  5. effbee584


    More talks, more mpg, smoother power delivery! Very noticeable improvement. Perhaps more in insurance.
  6. effbee584

    Twin exhausts

    On the MY2003 pre facelift E320 cdi I had, there were twin exhausts, the same as on the black car above, that I concluded were part of the 'sports exhaust' option available at that time. Maybe the same for the post facelift cars.
  7. effbee584


    Probably it is, but not really worth the trouble with the 4 cyl engine. Much better to change to a car with the 6 in line 320cdi engine, CLK, E class, etc. Then re-map that and it will be terrific, I know because I did it, best £400 ever spent on the car.
  8. effbee584

    A45 vs M135i

    I had a CLA for the day, obviously not an A45, but below are some of my thoughts ..... Good… Car looks OK as long as you like the current MB style, seems to have excellent solid build quality, 3 rear seat belts, fuel efficiency, suspension very compliant on our bad roads, sound...
  9. effbee584

    New CLA

    Well if he had talked to me first, there would not have been so many design flaws.
  10. effbee584

    New CLA

    I had one for the day a short while ago, my impressions were ....... Good… Car looks OK as long as you like the current MB style, seems to have excellent solid build quality, 3 rear seat belts, fuel efficiency, suspension very compliant on our bad roads, sound system seemed really...
  11. effbee584

    MB Service Contract Query

    I found the email through a forum search, as a sticky might help, although I never look at what stickies cover.
  12. effbee584


    The above is indeed an excellent option. The tunnels seem wider now, even in a CLS, than the first time, but I would suggest that a driver should not wear sunglasses or even photochromatic lenses to travel through them. In a RH drive car, the driver has an advantage in driving kerbside, some...
  13. effbee584

    MB Service Contract Query

    From their email, their details are ....... Contract Administration Mercedes-Benz Financial Services UK Ltd Phone: +44 (0) 870 242 6200 Fax: +44 (0) 870 240 3901 Email:
  14. effbee584

    MB Service Contract Query

    Just done the above and had a positive response within 48hrs. V pleased. However I am puzzled that an initial letter (with the service card enclosed, as stipulated in their terms and conditions), and a second follow-up letter were 'not received', does not reflect on MB Financial Services well.
  15. effbee584

    Another road trip in our W164 AMG

    Bobby Dazzler - a great account and have just completed a similar trip (the 5th I think) but at a more leisurely pace, we prefer to arrive at a hotel about 1600, not 0400. I avoided using the Mont Blanc and Frejus tunnels (40 euro each way I think) by going into Italy from Besancon and across to...
  16. effbee584


    I assume you will be driving, if so, and you go through Switzeralnd, roughly Basel to Milan, you will have the choice of the Gottard Tunnel, (free and quick but 11 miles of boredom) or going over the pass itself if its open. Take the pass, terrific views coming down the Italian side. Or you...
  17. effbee584

    Recommendations for Holiday in Italy July/August 2014

    I know you are ruling out Lakes - a mistake IMO - Riva Del Gard takes some beating and has good beaches, and there is a 5* hotel with a beach area right outside. The Lake is so big it looks like the sea. All Inclusive? We have found these are restrictive and offer limited meal choices, when...
  18. effbee584

    MB Service Contract Query

    I've written twice but no reply, so emailed the address above with copies, lets see what happens.
  19. effbee584

    Main dealers ... arghhh!!!!

    The latest JD Power Dealer and Car survey will point you in the right direction.
  20. effbee584

    What interior colour would you choose for your next car

    Silver/Red does indeed look good, but any Black interior is not for me, far too sombre. Not surprised at the poll that chooses beige, which also looks the best to me, being someone who no longer needs to carry children or rubbish tip stuff and can look after the interior well. The lack of...
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