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  1. coupe deville

    Wheeler Dealers W123

    It's the same with "Repo Man" they're acting. Last week he dragged an ice cream man out of his van. On the credits it states, scenes are reconstructed. Sean, you might be a big git, but you're an actor. I COULD HAVE YER :eek:
  2. coupe deville

    Will you shop at Iceland this Christmas?

    My BIL, artic driver has been delivering mince pies to the large supermarket distribution centres for months. God knows how old they are when we eat them at Christmas. I've got some that "ahem", fell off the back of a lorry.
  3. coupe deville

    I've Seen Some Pointless Tat In My Time.....

    Wouldn't last 2 minutes round here :(
  4. coupe deville

    Beer O'Clock

    After our Rhine valley cruise, I am on bottled Becks, (Asda price) although I prefer krombacher and Kolsch
  5. coupe deville

    300e w124 low mileage model

    Quote You bid…. YOU BUY THE CAR, not an option to haggle. It is a legally binding contract is that true :dk:
  6. coupe deville

    Tower of London poppies

    My Grandfathers name was read out at dusk (along with 179 others) on the 7th August 2014, in remembrance of their sacrifice. 180 poppies were also planted followed by an army bugler playing the last post. This happened every evening until the 11th November. I couldn't be there to witness it, but...
  7. coupe deville

    Is my car the loudest SL55?

    you can't video sound, its invisible :rolleyes:
  8. coupe deville

    W124 speakers

    I was looking at the tenth item down in Grobers link (post 2 ) The rears at 44 euros, This is the Bing translation, they sound great :confused: Drugs and a grope, what more could you want from a pair of speakers. More than a gateway drug offers this series for the ambitious...
  9. coupe deville

    W124 speakers

    Mine has Alpine 62222AX front (sound ok for a 4 inch speaker) Pioneer TS126 rear (sound rubbish) A previous owner replaced originals ? :dk:
  10. coupe deville

    A little Monday night fun

    A lot of people, swmbo included, pronounce chimney as chimley :dk:
  11. coupe deville

    16" alloys for c124 sportline

    That site has me more confused than ever :o
  12. coupe deville

    16" alloys for c124 sportline

    Been looking at the websites with offset calculators, current wheels 7J ET41, with summer tyres 205 60 15. I have chance to buy 16" 7J ET37, off a 2002 c class, part number A208 401 07 02, which I would fit with winter tyres, 205 55 16. will these fit, calculator shows wheels will be 4mm...
  13. coupe deville

    C124 exhaust

    Good news, just in time. The exhaust will get quieter after a few thousand miles, just needs to "soot up" inside. This deadens the noise a bit.
  14. coupe deville

    botego winter tyres

    Didn't buy them in the end.
  15. coupe deville

    botego winter tyres

    Go where tho, into the ditch :dk:
  16. coupe deville

    botego winter tyres

    Anybody ever heard of botego tyres, I've been looking to buy some used winter tyres and have seen these on a "ahem" BMW 3 series. Owner says he had them fitted when he lived in Germany. I have googled and found nothing.
  17. coupe deville

    How long should a replaced 124 head gasket last?

    There is a school of thought that cylinder heads should be checked and re torqued after a few hundred miles, but to be honest, mine hasn't been done.
  18. coupe deville

    How long should a replaced 124 head gasket last?

    About 130,000 when it was done, it's got 150,000 on it now
  19. coupe deville

    He should do the lottery this week...

    He ought to be in a circus :D Years ago I was waiting to turn right, foot on brake (brake lights on ), indicator flashing. I looked in the rear view and watched this motor bike set off from the lights about 50 yards behind me. He was hunched over the tank in a galloping position and in a matter...
  20. coupe deville

    How long should a replaced 124 head gasket last?

    Yes, gaskets were redesigned, but as Graeme said, the head needs to be true. Had mine done at SPR Stockport about 5 years ago, skimmed, new bolts, been perfect ever since.
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