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  1. Defiant

    George Bush nearly assassinated... by a shoe

    Egad, I'd not realized we'd inflicted that much of the American Way on the Iraqis.
  2. Defiant

    Wishing you all here at MBClub UK MERRY XMAS

    Another log on that fire from 'way over here!
  3. Defiant

    Righty, I'm off for a month...

    Summertime Christmas? Sorry, just not right. But enjoy a Merry one, regardless.
  4. Defiant

    another F1 thread

    I miss beautiful cars in the hands of motoring wizards. God bless you, Stirling, whatever you're up to.
  5. Defiant

    80's Style cars

    It was such a nuisance to send a fax, having to pull over to a phone booth and connecting the handset to the coupler.
  6. Defiant

    Wiper problem...

    Be glad their research of the early seventies didn't go wrong- they'd looked into ultrasonic rain repelling, vibrating glass, air jets, all manner of ....uh.... "inventive" solutions to getting water off the screen.... and determined wipers work best. Another bullet dodged.
  7. Defiant

    The Subaru dog!...Funny.

    What a great doggie. The cat was obviously petrified. We had poodles, they'd snarl up a storm. But if you snuck a finger between their teeth, they'd react with total embarrassment and apology, and beg for you to be all right.
  8. Defiant

    George Bush nearly assassinated... by a shoe

    You guys are unhinged, in the most beneficial possible way. No love for George here, especially -although I wonder how much BO will make us miss him- but I thought his reaction was pretty good. Especially in the end, where he's waving-off the Secret Service guard. He seemed entertained by it all.
  9. Defiant

    Original S.U.V.?

    Heh... "eco-friendly exhaust"? Can you imagine how deep the streets would be if only half of us were on horseback?
  10. Defiant


    Holy yipes. I thought it was just Los Angeles.
  11. Defiant

    iTouch / iPhone whats the difference?

    crammy69, would you adopt me?
  12. Defiant

    New F1 Rules from 2010

    Bah. Rules are bad. Unbreakable rules are worse. Changing rules should be against the rules.
  13. Defiant

    eBay - Another World

    London. Dammit. That's far from here, I think. Rats.
  14. Defiant

    UK car parts maker Wagon collapses

    Why has this carnival ride stopped making that clacking noise? Oh, look at the wonderful view! Hold tight, kids. Here we go.
  15. Defiant

    The New 2009-10 E-class

    Headlights are supposed to be round, or at least roundish. Dammit.
  16. Defiant

    Definition of a Supercar

    These "definitions" are far from definite, and by their very nature are written on water. Things change too quickly. My much-missed Celica Supra had been called a "supercar" at the time ('82) because it would better 140mph. Look at what has happened with the "sports car" definition, and how it...
  17. Defiant

    Golf Game

    I only tried the new one once, but didn't like it.
  18. Defiant

    is it payback for previous

    Quite appropriate.... if it's long enough for him to die in prison. Otherwise, surely someone could gain great fame for being the one to knife him in the showers. No love here. No sympathy. :mad:
  19. Defiant

    Problem with a Colt!?!?

    Frank hung up on me. Barsted.
  20. Defiant

    Driving tricks.

    The family are usually greatly amused when you try a few miles on just two wheels.
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