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  1. aka$h

    New member with a CL55 and CL63

    Hi, drop me an email
  2. aka$h

    Happy Birthday, aka$h

    Thanks guys! Not defected, busy working and have a family now, so not as active here as I used to be.
  3. aka$h


    I'm well Peter, trust you are too. Must be nearly 10 years ago, I sold you that set?
  4. aka$h


    I have a set of these, with the correct offset for a 55, not the higher offset 65 wheels. They need refurb but can be done to your choice of colour.
  5. aka$h

    2piece AMG splits 18” for r129

    I've got a brand new set of 2 piece carlsson 2\5's
  6. aka$h

    R129 18" Two Piece AMG Wheels

    I've got a Brand New set of 2 piece Carlsson's that are similar to the AMG's you are after.
  7. aka$h

    W212 Mats

    I'm sure I've got a set at work. Drop me a pm
  8. aka$h

    Becker Map Pilot

    I've got one, PM me an offer.
  9. aka$h

    W124 E36 AMG oil related problem

    Possibly oil cooler?
  10. aka$h

    Cheap CLS63 218

    I drive past this car on my way to work every day, I can see the repair on the osr quarter while driving past it. Looks like a blind panel beater had a go at it. Really shocking repair.
  11. aka$h

    V12 ignition coil repair

    Anyone here had a v12 coil repaired, it seems BBA no longer do them.
  12. aka$h

    Brabus D6s C350 cdi

    Bought this a few months back, but didnt end up keeping the car it was intended for. £500 inc UK delivery.
  13. aka$h

    Too cheap CLS63?

    Seems a little strange, he had the plate on a evoque, which he sold on Ebay saying he was moving abroad. Then bought this car immediately after, in October 18. Now selling so soon? Range Rover Evoque | eBay
  14. aka$h

    WANTED: Euro 6 facelift W221 S350 LWB

    How strange, mine shows as not exempt
  15. aka$h

    WANTED: Euro 6 facelift W221 S350 LWB

    Even a bluetec s350 wont be ulez compliant.
  16. aka$h

    W215 CL 500 custom turbo conversion

    What a waste of money, to end up with something that you could buy off the shelf,cl55k or a cl600 no turbo. And it's brave having a turbo charger there with no air filter.
  17. aka$h

    R129 drivers side wing

    All sorted now.
  18. aka$h

    R129 drivers side wing

    I need a 129 drivers side front wing. A bit of rust isnt a problem, the one I have is rotten beyond repair.
  19. aka$h


    I saw this when listed at bca, totally forgot to keep an eye to see what it made. Booked at circa £4k, but I'm sure it would have made more. 500bhp for so little money
  20. aka$h

    W209 Comand head unit

    I've got one for a facelift clk at work
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