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  1. tali

    RIP Stirling Moss

    His 500SL - very rare and unusual with those wood door cappings 1990 Mercedes-Benz SL - 500 Delivered new to Sir Stirling Moss OBE
  2. tali

    Final Last-Gen Porsche 911 Heads To Auction For Coronavirus

    "Porsche announced today that the last previous-generation 911 would head to the auction block later this month to help raise money for the United Way Worldwide’s COVID-19 Community Response and Recovery Fund." Final Last-Gen Porsche 911 Heads To Auction For Coronavirus Relief
  3. tali

    What's everyone doing in the lockdown?

    I'm a homebird anyway.Do some reluctant shopping, about every 2 weeks.4 kids at home (well 3 are adults) - but they prefer the indoors anyway.So actually very little has changed- although my 2 sisters and brother all live a five min walk away - and he haven't visited each other for a month
  4. tali

    Self isolation question.....

    Schools aren't closed because kids are at far less risk to it - Why are kids not contracting the coronavirus in a big way?. Also i noticed at supermarkets plenty of cough medicines on sale - so, given cough is one of symptoms - yet nothing from official govt guidelines about taking cough...
  5. tali

    Self isolation question.....

    Tbh on my travels since this started i have yet i see anyone sneeze or cough. On your other point , for example St Patricks Day Parade was cancelled - but sadly lots went to surrounding pubs with "Drinks come before Virus" "You still got to go out and enjoy yourself"
  6. tali

    When Panic Starts to Take Over!

    At Asda , wipes , nappies , tissues , toilet rolls and .....Vimto were all gone.In terms of footfall it was surprisingly normal - not sure if that is good or bad - but at least there weren't huge queues of overloaded trolleys. My wife twice developed a persistent cough -always in...
  7. tali

    Self isolation question.....

    The powers that be that telling us all this info - are assembled together at press conferences with journalists sitting together .They are still holding Parliament with over 600 MPs in a room talking about social exclusion.The medical experts are at Select Committee Meetings. Ergo....
  8. tali

    Tesco insurance rip off

    Always buy thru cashback sites(same quotes no inflated quotes) -you can simply link through saved quote.OP would have saved another £71 esure Car Insurance Up to £71 Cashback | Quidco
  9. tali

    Is a cars registration year its production year?

    What does it say on DVLA website ? as they usually show more consistent dating
  10. tali

    Phillip Schofield...

    He was happy to take a selfie with BoJo who called gay men 'tank-topped bumboys
  11. tali

    Audi Q8 vs Mercedes G63 AMG

    The Q8 may be more advanced but i would have thought the old-school army -roots G would win this easily.Poor driving by G driver ? Anti-Merc set up video ?
  12. tali

    MERCEDES X Class possibly for the chop?

    I have seem a fair few on the roads - tbh i thought (by sightings alone) that Merc were doing very well thank you.I would have thought financially preferable CV BIk rates would have had owners of similar priced Mercs potentially making the switch to X -class.
  13. tali

    Caption Competition

    Now that's what i call the Dog's B0ll0x
  14. tali

    Vehicle details could not be found

    Not insured.Tax Expired.£235 for 84bhp
  15. tali

    Caption Competition

    So this is what they call seat -of -the -pants racing
  16. tali

    Rolls Royce SUV

    RR of old were indeed technically out -of date(never a big fan of the iconic Shadow) .The new ones are more in keeping with their current environments.As for "stylish and understated" -yes that's why those paragons of reservedness such as footballers , rap-stars, and social media non-entities...
  17. tali

    Rolls Royce SUV

    The 44mpg town mpg im getting means another Qashqai.Tbh wasn't a fan of the Qashqai hype - but it seemed to tick all the boxes for me.Was toying with a petrol GLA Urban edition - but the Qashqais mpg meant sticking with it
  18. tali

    What is the matter with people?

    Where i live the roads are generally wide enough -as are the pavements - trouble is they are lazy b****** who can't be bothered to park barely a 5 minute walk away.Double parked cars get pcns , but not idiots like these "parked" on a give way.And note silver car on pavement.The bin lorries have...
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