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  1. MercFanUk

    Anyone have the brand new 2013 facelift E-Class?

    I saw my first one in the flesh yesterday - I had reservations after seeing the pictures about the gaping holes in the front bumper, but in person it actually looked pretty good, it's a really nice facelift overall I think.
  2. MercFanUk

    W212 Facelift Spyshots

    I really like the 212, but I have to say the headlights really are the ugliest part of it - this new design is much nicer IMHO.
  3. MercFanUk

    Russian "alton towers" ride

    Never liked rides where you end up upside down at any point, that ride to me looks like hell!
  4. MercFanUk

    jailed for not liking the police?

    We've seen riots in Manchester not too long ago. We've also heard how the pubs needed to be closed on the day of the funeral because the atmosphere was so tense. It's quite plausible that certain people may have taken things further if they had seen it - be that someone who he offended...
  5. MercFanUk

    SLS AMG Black Series Spy Shots

    I've never realised before now, but the SLS doesn't half look like a grown up Mazda RX7
  6. MercFanUk

    Beautiful and Terrifyingly Awesome

    I love watching these, it's curious how we often find beauty in things that are so devastating
  7. MercFanUk

    A "Marmalade" car??

    Mercedes-Benz UK - New cars - designo Looks like a nice example, although that wood is a little gross...
  8. MercFanUk

    Red Bull Stratos

    I think it's wind - when I first had the feed on there were some small balloons and they were blowing around like mad
  9. MercFanUk

    W222 S-Class (2013) Spyshots

    Good, so I've got about a year for my numbers to come up in the lottery then!
  10. MercFanUk

    This what makes us stand out from other species

    I swear some people must be trying to win a Darwin award.
  11. MercFanUk

    Red Bull Stratos

    Almost forgot about this, thanks for the reminder! The feed on their website won't work for me, but it's being streamed live on Youtube too (even in HD) for others whom it might be bust for: Live Now! - Red Bull Stratos - freefall from the edge of space - YouTube
  12. MercFanUk

    ANPR Big Brother and your privacy, well you have none...

    Regardless of whether it helps reduce crime, I don't think there can be any argument it helps to solve them. Can that ever be a bad thing, despite the limited potential to affect your own lives? So, I get logged driving past an ANPR camera at a certain time and place... is it really a big deal...
  13. MercFanUk

    ANPR Big Brother and your privacy, well you have none...

    I know my local one does, they used footage of it on a car crime program :D
  14. MercFanUk

    ANPR Big Brother and your privacy, well you have none...

    It's not different to some dodgy fellow at the DVLA using it to find the perfect car to steal, or someone at a holiday shop using the details to rob a house when people are on holiday. Abuse of a system doesn't mean we should not have it in the first place - it just means in needs to be staffed...
  15. MercFanUk

    ANPR Big Brother and your privacy, well you have none...

    That's a stupid argument. You are driving around in a public place - not in some private world where no one else knows you're there. There's many other ways to prove you were there if the question ever came up - shopping records, public accounts etc. CCTV/ANPR is just an addition to that. Deal...
  16. MercFanUk

    ANPR Big Brother and your privacy, well you have none...

    I'd much rather have my whereabouts potentially logged and surveillance used to help solve crimes, then not be logged and countless crimes made exponentially more difficult to solve.
  17. MercFanUk

    1999 'T' MERCEDES-BENZ C43 AMG AUTO - Cat C - £1575

    kieranswood seemed really interested
  18. MercFanUk

    AMG Fun Facts

    I found the previous two fact sheets as well: One: Fun Fact Friday: One Million Two: Fun Fact Friday: Offroad
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