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    That looks class in that colour, bargain in my eyes
  2. alanuk400

    Your UserName

    My first name and the first forum I was on the Lexus 400 US site and that was the car I owned Alan
  3. alanuk400

    New owner of a lovely 1998 slk 230 Hampshire Barn Find

    He has not said he wanted to sell it or asked the value, so can you guys accepted on face value that he may have a genuine interest in the Mercedes brand Alan
  4. alanuk400

    Think I'm after a w221 s320. Does this sound right?

    I have owned both, the W220 S500 LWB and the W221 S320 cdi, I thought the V8 was a much less stressed engine, returning only 10 mpg less than the cdi, when I was looking for a W221, at the time I couldn't find a V8 at all, also a second hand petrol S-Class is less lightly to have been used as a...
  5. alanuk400

    Video of stolen Honda Civic in Belfast

    I drove up the Falls about 2am on new years day leaving one of my doorman home, the Asta was burnt out opposite the Spires Centre, no sign of anyone about Alan
  6. alanuk400

    w220 seat belt adjustment?

    Check under the seat,there is a wire like a pushbikes brake cable with a nipple on which clips under the seat so the belt goes up and down when the seat is adjusted, this could have come out I hope this makes sense Alan
  7. alanuk400

    Free Mercedes

    I thought the V-Class had rear airbags not springs, saying that , I converted mine to springs for about £200, if yours has been done, was it done right Alan
  8. alanuk400

    GL Rise and Lower time

    I didn't know that, I wondered why my R-Class didn't go down if I got out of the car Alan
  9. alanuk400

    Bluetooth Receiver A2DP option for those with an Aux input

    I came across this as an inexpensive way to stream music from your phone, ipad etc by bluetooth iStream Universal Bluetooth Audio Receiver | Aluratek it is a stand alone power unit recharged with 5v cigar charger (or plugged into the power permanently) and plugged into the Aux socket Seems you...
  10. alanuk400

    Law on Dash Cameras

    +1 Alan
  11. alanuk400

    Law on Dash Cameras

    I agree, just wanted to know what others thought about it, I didn't want to fit it illegally and have an incident then it not being accepted because the camera was fitted wrong, or me being done for it by the other party Alan
  12. alanuk400

    Law on Dash Cameras

    Something like this one? Car cameras, UK Legal, Free Memory, 12/24v Vans/Trucks/Cars, Vehicle Spy Camera | eBay Alan
  13. alanuk400

    in car dash cameras - what's your views on them?

    This is interesting reference the law on them Suction Mounted Car Cameras Alan
  14. alanuk400

    Law on Dash Cameras

    I was looking into fitting a Dash Cam, see this thread I came across this article stating the law on them Suction Mounted Car Cameras it is worth a read and I suppose it makes sense, just thought I would share it Alan
  15. alanuk400

    I do like this colour,Mercedes 300 SL 1990 with Hard top

    Mercedes 300 SL 1990, Good condition Hard top | eBay Alan
  16. alanuk400

    Dash Safety Camara video in

    Great, Many thanks again for your help Alan
  17. alanuk400

    Dash Safety Camara video in

    No, the one in this picture is my actual unit (I took it out today),the previous picture was taken from the web, I thought that was my system, sorry for the mix-up Alan
  18. alanuk400

    Dash Safety Camara video in

    Following on from this thread, The back of my Comand is different to the picture I put up before and the pin layout is different, where would I put "video in" on this system please Thanks Alan
  19. alanuk400

    Dash Safety Camara

    Many Thanks for that info, so as I understand it I only need Pin 1 & 2 connected and then who ever is going to Star it does as follows:- "You need to code as follows (all in different sub-menus of the coding) MOST ring OFF UCI Off Video AUX on." I got this from searching back, thanks...
  20. alanuk400

    Dash Safety Camara

    Do I need a lead for this or do I splice into the connector Thanks Alan
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