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  1. horatio

    How serious is this damage?

    The 190 has had a lowish speed bump on the left corner (not me!). It needs a new bumper, left headlight and wing. Probably bonnet. More concerning is the crumpling to the inner wing. Just how hard would this be for a body shop to straighten? The rails look fine. Just wondering whether it’s...
  2. horatio

    190E Wiper woes

    The stoopid plastic gear has stripped a tooth. The gears dont seem to be available new and there are no s/h linkages on ebay at the mo. Anyone know if the arm piece with the tooth from a W124 would fit the 190's wiper gearbox? The rest of the mechanism is in great condition. Another option is...
  3. horatio

    124 300TD estate

    Mercedes-Benz w124/s124 E300TD Multivalve 7 seater Estate | eBay Lovely old thing!
  4. horatio

    Early 129 500SL

    1990 Mercedes R129 500SL | eBay Really like the look of this.
  5. horatio

    Nice looking CLS 500

    Mercedes CLS500 41,000 Genuine Miles Outstanding Condition | eBay This looks minty fresh and pretty darn tempting. No heated seats is a bummer (haha).
  6. horatio

    Heater blower CLK

    Have an annoying problem with my CLK's heater blower - it randomly stops working and then starts again out of the blue. I have tried: - a used fan - another control panel - checking fuses Unfortunately it persists. Any thoughts? I suspect no codes would pop on a scanner. I guess the used fan...
  7. horatio

    Heater blower noise (CLK 209)

    My heater/ac intermittently makes an annoying groany/whistly sort of noise which goes when switched to "0"/off. I've popped the fan out but can't see anything wrong with it, it spins very smoothly. Whether the ac is on or off makes no difference. Any thoughts? The filter is new.
  8. horatio

    Wiring dash cam 209?

    Ideally I would like to use a fuse piggy back. I read in another thread that none of the fuses behind the dash cover are a switched live - is this correct? I would rather not splice/cut into any original wiring. Otherwise I guess the only other option will be to fit a USB socket to the ciggy...
  9. horatio

    Part number help please (fuel pump relay)

    Hi does anyone here know/have access to the part number for a fuel pump relay - car is a '90 190E 2.0 auto. Chassis no. WDB2010242F803123 It currently has an aftermarket relay so can't get the number from that. Dealers can't be bothered to dig it out. Cheers for any help
  10. horatio

    450 SEL 6.9

    1978 Mercedes Benz 450 SEL 6.9 Auto What a beaut.
  11. horatio

    Removing leather seat covers

    How hard is it to remove front seat covers? Is this DIYable without wrecking the seats? Its for a 209 CLK with manual seats but I'm guessing it's much the same for any Merc. My aim is to fit heated pads - I have already fitted a harness and switch panel but bottle-jobbed taking the seat apart...
  12. horatio

    Clip ID please!

    I really need one of these clips for my CLK (209 coupe) but cannot find the part number or it for sale anywhere. Its for the A pillar trim beside the windscreen which I lost when fitting a bluetooth thingy - the trim won't clip back down and it drives me mad! I have tried asking a few dealers...
  13. horatio

    INA belt tensioner failure

    after a few hundred miles. Investigated some belt squeal and found that the INA belt tensioner I recently fitted is failing. It makes a horrible creak when turned and sounds like an old clock when tapped (Spring inside failing somehow?). Seems there is some real crap being sold by OEM's...
  14. horatio

    Stereo repair shop?

    Does anyone know of a good shop who can repair stereos? I have a pioneer app radio with a frozen screen. I'm very reluctant to completely replace it as all the connections/wiring etc have been professionally fitted to suit the unit. I don't want to rip half the dash out to change it all! I...
  15. horatio

    Replacing AC pulley?

    Investigated a bit of belt noise at idle and found that the AC compressor pulley has free-play and feels a bit grumbly. Is it possible to change just the pulley and is it hard to do? Access is good, loads of room to work with. It's a denso btw. AC itself works great. Cheers
  16. horatio

    Almost new OEM parts for M111 engine

    Not used for more than 100 miles or so! Someone might as well make use of them. SKF water pump £25 Litens belt tensioner, gates pulley & SKF shock £25 Bosch coil packs £15 each Lemforder engine mount £20 Also have some new W202 saloon dark grey aftermarket floor mats, they are pretty decent...
  17. horatio

    Behr radiator, made in China

    I bought a Behr radiator from Euro's to replace the original Valeo and TBH it looks pretty naff quality. Cheap, shiny looking plastic tanks & hose connections on the sides. Has anyone had problems with these? I'm half tempted to send it back and get a Nissens or something :( (I know...
  18. horatio

    M111 belt tensioner, pulley & shock, almost new! Fits various Mercs

    I have a belt tensioner, pulley and shock to fit Mercs with (I believe but double check) any M111 4 cyl petrol engine. They were fitted to our C180 very shortly before it was scrapped. The tensioner is Litens (they make these for MB), pulley is Gates and the shock SKF. £35 posted. Good...
  19. horatio

    Pair of new W202 KYB rear springs

    I have a brand new pair of KYB coil springs to fit the rear of a W202 saloon - not sport/esprit or estate. 1.1996 to end of production. Part number is RA5346 KYB catalogue - £30 for the pair posted. Bargain!
  20. horatio

    Steering wheel - 190, W124 - non airbag

    I'm after an OE steering wheel for a 190E/124/etc era Merc which is a bit smaller than the original - so from a Cosworth or Sportline. Condition isn't crucial as I don't mind colouring or trimming. If anyone spots one please let me know. Cheers!
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