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    Suspension up and down

    It must have one or other if it can be raised by menu.
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    Utterly pointless?

    It's a safety thing. Imagine leaving kids in the car and deciding to close the sunroof when one had his head through the open roof. Though...I could do this 21 years ago in a 5 series.
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    Formula 1 2020 (Will Contain Race Day Spoilers)

    Loved the trophy ceremony!!
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    RIP...Jack Charlton

    Breaking news.
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    Trumps Beginning of the end

    It is funny how with all those other senators etc in Govt., who also have not solved the problems, the one standing for President is the one who should have done it?
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    Help. Nearly new 2019 e220 estate. Reduce engine oil level message

    Oops...still there?
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    What model number is my car.

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    Trumps Beginning of the end

    Supreme court rules Trump's tax returns may be turned over to grand jury The supreme court has issued its decision in one case involving subpoenas for Trump’s financial records. The justices issued a 7-2 decision that the president’s tax returns and business records may be turned over to a grand...
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    Should I get it serviced now?

    Well, oil and filter is the most important aspect. if that's done leave it til next year.
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    Instrument cluster

    Thanks all...I will try to have it repaired locally.
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    Formula 1 2020 (Will Contain Race Day Spoilers)

    I think, but could be wrong, that on a yellow a light comes on in each car to indicate what flag is being waved.
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    Instrument cluster

    My instrument cluster has had a complete failure. Can I replace the one I have with any other one...or, must the part numbers match? The problem I have is the label with the part number on has been removed. Where is the car's mileage stored?
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    Help. Nearly new 2019 e220 estate. Reduce engine oil level message

    When you say "oil temp" is that what you mean? In other words do you have an oil temp gauge and a water temp gauge?
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    If you were President of the World what would you ban?

    You might want to ban skating...on thin ice.
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    Do w220 mirrors fit a w210 ?

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    How much oil do you fill m113 s500?/messed up something

    The first pic shows the transmission dip stick. I hope you didn't put oil in the engine and then check with the wrong dipstick!! The dipstick on the M113 is at the front left of the engine. Best not to start the engine again till you are sure. What does the electronic dipstick say?
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    Trumps Beginning of the end

    I hope he does not withdraw...they might get someone who could beat Biden.
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    Trumps Beginning of the end

    Trump was the oldest to be sworn in already. Is there no young talent in the US out of 330m people?
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    Trumps Beginning of the end

    Things seem so bad for Trump now they are openly speculating he may withdraw.
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    Summer opening feature no longer works (windows)

    T Cut will not add anything to the little window.
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