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  1. Howard

    Karcher or Nilfisk

    Flow detector , it's what senses water flow when you depress the trigger and starts the pump. Sounds like it's stuck on. Ours ( Nilfisk Alto Poseidon 1 ) sticks off sometimes and we have to bang the machine on the floor to release it. We've had a company replace ours once before , I think it...
  2. Howard

    Best looking modern era Benz?

    W219 ... destined to be one of Mercedes classics. The lines are just so perfect , they spoiled it with the 218 follow up
  3. Howard

    W168 a160. Auto. No reverse!!!!!!!!!!!! will sort this out for you. They're fantastic
  4. Howard

    W163 Warning Lighs

    If all the lights don't illuminate during the startup sequence ( position 1 ) it will fail.
  5. Howard

    Road trip suggestions, please.

    Just to clarify ... Ilfracombe still has that lovely village feel about it , the shops are centred around the little harbour and gardens , Barnstaple is a big town centred around a muddy river and a huge flyover.
  6. Howard

    Road trip suggestions, please.

    Ilfracombe is nice , if you've got a day to kill you can get the boat to Lundy Island for the day from there. It's well worth doing , and you could do Clovelly too which is nice. Walk down the steep steps to the little Harbour and then get the Land Rover back up.
  7. Howard

    Time to move on...

    If I buy two XL jackets and stitch them together will I get an XXL one ? ;)
  8. Howard


    Very sad at Toad Hall at the moment. Rick was my fathers greatest friend and a very good friend of mine too. Here they are in happier times.
  9. Howard

    bye bye andrew page

    Don't think Jay does parts does he ?
  10. Howard

    C55 whine

    Olly did mine in an hour
  11. Howard

    advice needed on wheel choice W208

    Can't you get them just blasted and then powder coated ? They do some very nice powder coat finishes now , 'bright chrome' which is actually a very nice polished type finish would look great on those ( it doesn't look like bright chrome despite the name ) That way no metal is being removed by...
  12. Howard

    advice needed on wheel choice W208

    I think it'd be a tragedy to get rid of those Brabus bad boys. Other wheel just doesn't have that 'wow' factor Sorry
  13. Howard

    Glastonbury 2016

    Because she's from the wrong side of the tracks ?
  14. Howard

    CLS build quality

    My CLS500 is dead quiet inside. No rattles or creaks. Wonder if the one you've driven has been apart and back together to cure faults and bits of trim not reseated properly ?
  15. Howard

    Wrist Watch Repair

    I mentioned in a previous thread that my next watch purchase was going to be from a microbrand, having supported a Kickstarter campaign for a fledgling watch company. Last week my Sea Spirit from Reverie Watches arrived. I haven't stopped wearing it since , the dial is mesmerising. And to...
  16. Howard

    Recommend bodyshop/car respray in London or near by

    I'm afraid you get what you pay for with bodywork. I can recommend you a guy but he's not cheap , his work is flawless though.
  17. Howard

    Wrist Watch Repair

    Urban myth That would be destruction of someone else's property and is illegal. The police could possibly seize it if they were that way inclined , and eventually it may end up being destroyed. But not at a watch shop
  18. Howard

    CLS W219 Parking sensors

    STAR will indicate which one , don't think a generic will pinpoint it. They aren't fortunes and are easy to fit , you will need to paint them though.
  19. Howard


    Now you're here , and one of the boys , come on spill the beans ... Did you kill Tupac ?
  20. Howard

    Special offer at costco.

    I wouldn't know where to go to find a cash converters.
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