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  1. Beetnik

    Without revealing your actual age...

    A quidsworth got you just short of 6 gallons. 1/10 for a pint of mild 2/- for bitter.
  2. Beetnik

    Twitch through pedal under braking

    Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis?
  3. Beetnik

    Bye Bye Merc, Hello Volvo....

    Just short of £600 for my last service. Including: New pads (front only) Change brake fluid Change coolant I wasn't overly impressed...
  4. Beetnik

    Windows Server User Client Access Licences

    Everything's working fine - I just want to be sure we're compliant and top up the licences if need be and allow room for some more growth while I can still find some - MS don't sell 'em any more...
  5. Beetnik

    Windows Server User Client Access Licences

    Thanks Mark. We're using WIN SBS 2011 which, as I understand it, is an all-in-one solution so should only need 1 set of CALs? These? I've been asked to review the licences as we may be a few short*. As many users access via a number of devices I guess user CALs are the way to go rather than...
  6. Beetnik

    Windows Server User Client Access Licences

    How is a user defined? Specifically: I access the server for my email ( from 5 different devices and the attached printer as required = 1 CAL required My co-worker does the same ( = 2nd CAL required We both do the same for another email address...
  7. Beetnik

    Unfortunate Names.

    SWMBO tells the story of how, as a young girl, she went on a couple of dates with a guy she knew only as D*ck. It was only after she called at his house and was snootily corrected and told by his mother that his name was Peter that she discovered he was a member of the Ennis clan.
  8. Beetnik

    Problems with cars you have owned.

    My first car - a 1966 HA Viva had been a write off. The windscreen had shattered and most of it had fallen into the heater vents. Cue random chunks of glass flying out and hitting you in the face when you went too fast with the blower on! Cavalier where the dashboard fell off (less than a year...
  9. Beetnik

    Increase Speed Limits - Online Petition

    Wow - a unique human being. Do let us know when you succeed. Oops - you failed to capitalise the first letter of the first word in your sentence...
  10. Beetnik

    Increase Speed Limits - Online Petition

    Fine; continue to ignore/deny anything which doesn't suit your purpose. Oh, and your petition will undoubtedly fail.
  11. Beetnik

    Increase Speed Limits - Online Petition

    You asked to see some facts and figures as to how vehicle emissions "increase" with increased carriageway speeds. I pointed you in the right direction. How is this 'bashing the OP'? The article may be a few years old but that doesn't render science irrelevant.
  12. Beetnik

    Increase Speed Limits - Online Petition

    Google + 10 seconds of your time gives this Have a read.
  13. Beetnik

    Don't it always seem to go

    I'm sure they will, despite Harold Jonathan Esmond Vere Harmsworth, 4th Viscount Rothermere, who has the controlling interest in the Wail having non-domicile tax status and owning his media businesses through a complex structure of offshore holdings and trusts which entail him paying almost no...
  14. Beetnik

    Roof down

    Nicely togged up, I've driven at - 5 C so no excuses. Aside from rain or snow the only time I've had to put the roof up was on the French riviera where it was just too hot!
  15. Beetnik

    Dorset, late august break - need some recommendations

    We had a very pleasant couple of nights here: Welcome to the Fairwater Head Hotel last August.
  16. Beetnik

    Truly superb albums

    Thread resurrection... Bob Dylan - Bringing It All Back Home. First album I ever bought. Neil Young - Harvest. Van the Man - Astral Weeks. Loudon Wainwright - Album II and more recently... The Killers - Sam's Town
  17. Beetnik

    Number plate legalities?

    Normal illegal = 100% illegal Very illegal = 110% illegal Extremely illegal = 150% illegal
  18. Beetnik

    What private/ personal number plate have got

    Mine spells my name, STEVE: AJ61MWX Misplaced screws turn the A into an S Screw on the bottom of the J makes a T 6 = an E on a numberplate - obvious innit? You have to ignore the 1 but so what? More screws on the M make it a V W on its side is an E And the X is for seXy I've had it valued at...
  19. Beetnik

    Range of smart key

    Hard locking the boot is fine but if you can also inadvertently unlock the doors as well then you've not solved the problem - I know from experience, having it happen to me and having lost a satnav as a result.
  20. Beetnik

    Do you slip it into neutral?

    brake and brake
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