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    nice 6.9

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    My new C63s has landed - one excited puppy

    Very nice!:thumb:
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    Tron Lines...

    lovely car other than special effects-each to their own.;)
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    Wrong fuel but car is better

    :doh: Only done this once-v power unleaded next to vpower diesel nozzle unfamiliar station and in a rush-momentary lack of concentration-luckily realised putting petrol in after 2.3 litres!-so filled up rest with diesel and carried on back after 140 mile drive back from Leicester no problems !
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    My W124 300TE AMG - Restoration!

    great Thanks for this post Jay-I know it is an old project-but what a fantastic job! cheers:thumb:
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    Wifes new whip! lol w168

    well done Nice to see your effort rewarded.(spark plugs are a bit awkward in w168!) Sorry to hear of your Childs illness.
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    I thought MB and Chrysler had parted company...

    Clearly divides opinion! Overall like it!
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    123 Estate. Lovely.

    Very nice indeed-shame the interior is not as nice as the exterior as part of the restoration!:crazy:
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    England in a World Cup final

    cricket Crazy match but what a match-fortunes -up and down like a yoyo-I feel exhausted having just watched it-must have been an amazing atmosphere in Kolkata! Never mind we are getting stronger and will win soon and a strong WI side is good news for Cricket anyway:(:(:(
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    C63 weistec stage 2 MSL

    agree -would not have ben much fun driving back from London down the M3 in the storm today!!
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    E320 Estate Jap Import Might Suit Someone Here

    very nice:thumb:
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    Designo pearl beige cls63 m157

    Nice car Nonsense comment about colour-probably made by someone a few neurones short of a synapse!:devil:
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    VW Phaeton - Ebay add

    Very nice-understated and nicely equipped-sure would make a nice motorway cruiser! :thumb:
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    A160 automatic transmission fault

    agreed -he is the A class expert-will be taking wifes A210 evo for Autobox fix (?first gear slipping-apparently well known problem) soon -hope it will last a few years but will only be used infrequently as have other car!
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    E63 , what a nice car

    :thumb:very nice indeed
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    Why Why Why?

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    War and Peace was shorter .....

    agree prefer the abbreviated version with actual facts relating to service etc:doh:
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    WOW - check out this CLK

    horrible and trashed I'm sure:eek:
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    '04 E55K - Pagid brakes?

    £225 sounds like a great deal! I too have used Pagid on a number of cars including 2.5 ton xc90-no problems:thumb:
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