1. abecketts

    W210 rear facing seat available for £0.00

    Black leather, not supplied with seat belts. Free Collection from SN10 area
  2. lynall

    Free tune up cost £0.00

    Changed oil again yesterday last of injector saga, whilst there looked at throttle cable and after a quick push on the cable thought thats a bit slack, half a turn on the cable adjuster and it drives like a different car:D Seriously it does. Lynall
  3. D

    The £1.000.000 question

    Hi all The AC compressor on my C220 CDI only kicks in when the engine has reached its normal temp. Only then, can I switch the engine off and on again and it works normally. Engine cold and it's all over again. Suggestion leading to a repair will be rewarded. Cheers David :confused:
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