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  1. Lenny63

    W219 airmatic - won't lower from comfort to sports 1/2

    Plugged into star , no active or Stored faults Any suggestions ? Is there some tests I could get carried out via STAR to narrow down the issue ? It was working fine until recently Regards Lenny
  2. T5R+

    7 in in 1 and a 1/2 hours

    Had reason to be at the dealers very early today and waited whilst they fixed my car. The glass palaces give a panoramic view....... Over the hour and half counted 7 different fairly recent vehicles of differing class (A, C, E, G) arriving on various recovery trucks. Curiosity got the better...
  3. Howard

    8 1/2 ft Christmas tree + CLS

    No problem ;)
  4. KNU7S

    2003 S320 over 1/2 million miles!

    2003 MERCEDES S320 CDI LIMOUSINE A SILVER spares/repairs | eBay
  5. bob6600

    1/2" Impact Wrench Recommendations

    Have been looking for decent but not too expensive impact wrench. I do like the Snap On CTU-6850 but a bit rich for me new, just missed one on ebay but new seller with no feedback so probably a good thing. Anyone have one for sale or recommend a decent cordless one?
  6. U

    Anyone got a 1/2 full can of air con gas

    Anyone purchased a can of air con gas and got some left in your can R134a ??????????????????
  7. K

    S211 Third Row seats suck 1/2 way

    Hi all I was hoping for a happier post to start my forum membership with, but never mind. I dropped my 2007 e320 wagon in to a tyre dealer to have the two rears replaced yesterday. The third row seats were up at the time as I had used them that morning. This morning I went to chuck the...
  8. aquanaut

    30 1/2 hrs to go....

    Till out of this chamber! Sorry, bit bored...in decompression now and should be out at 0555 hrs thurs morn. Not driven my new c63 for a few weeks now so looking forward to giving it a blast this weekend! As i said a bit bored lol!
  9. S

    Please help a noob- SEC Gen 1/2 Question

    Hi All This is my first post after a lot of lurking. I am going to view a 1986 500 SEC this Sunday and am understandably excited. This particular car is the exact spec I dreamed of as a kid. A quick question, is this a Gen 1 or Gen 2. How do I tell, and how do I decipher the VIN? I...
  10. S

    295 tyres on a 9 1/2 rim?

    Hi All Can you fit 295 tyres safely on a 9 1/2 inch rim? or is it best to go for a 285 width Thanks Steve
  11. Mercsys

    Fuel tank creaking > 1/2 full

    Hi, I get a loud creaking noise from around the spare wheel location when I have a ½ or more in the fuel tank, has any one else had this? S210 Estate J
  12. Mike Walker

    Alloy Wheels - new and less than 1/2 price

    MB Dealershipo in Beckenham Kent has 4 x W211 E Class AMG alloys for sale at £1500.00 + VAT reduced from £3500.00 + VAT:eek: Form an orderly queue.
  13. W

    Halfords - 1/2 price sale

    Tools, tool sets and drawer sets 1/2 price or better. Gifts
  14. Mike Walker

    I need to borrow a garage for 1/2 a day

    Garage at home is full of daughters stuff as she is currently in Argentina:confused: I want to wash, clay bar , polish the car in the dry before winter arrives and need somewhere to do it. Was hoping someone reasonably local - South East London/North Kent - might have no kids at home and a...
  15. fabes

    Graphics card & PCIEXPRESS 1/2

    Hi hunting the tech forums, but hoping I get a quicker answer here. Looking to upgrade the 17" to a 22" screen However, the kids (and it must be said, me) like the odd gaming session and my current 7600GT is, I am afraid, not going to be upto the task (eg on Battlefield games) on the higher...
  16. S

    Pony lessons for a 3 1/2 year old ?

    My daughter is animal mad, and after a 5 min pony ride in Center Parcs last summer, thinks she would like lessons. I know nothing of horses / ponies - anyone here had lessons for their kids? I'm guessing she might be too small for proper lessons yet, but a few more short ones would be...
  17. D

    Code P0269 1/2 G

    The engine warning light came on in my wife's 3 yr old diesel A Class yesterday so I had the codes read. What came up was "code P0269 1/2 G", plus the words "cylinder 3 contribution/balance". Anyone able to enlighten me further? :(
  18. Mambo

    W202 Handle Replacement 1/2 HOW TO

    Got bored this evening and as it has finally stoped raining I decided to give the handle swap a go. I only managed to figure out the rear ones, I think I am going to have to take off the front door panels to get them off (unless someone knows otherwise) so I will wait for another day. Heres a...
  19. S

    NEW SLK 350 (1/2 months old)

    Hi I have a SLK350 on order with a UK dealer due for July Delivery. I have gone for a silver 350 with: Dusky red leather Heated seats 7 speed Auto gearbox with +/- buttons on the steering wheel Sports suspension with standard alloys(best looking in my opinion apart from the AMG wheel)...
  20. BaldGuy

    Very Cheap 16" Alloys with 1/2 hour 2 go

    Half an hour to go on these!!!! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2435433621&category=28648&rd=1
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