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    excessive black smoke W638 108cdi

    Hi there Ive got a 2003 108cdi W638 Vito van and the last couple of days I've noticed excessive black smoke out of the exhaust when accelerating.Also a couple of months ago and less than a 1000 miles I had the injectors reworked and new air and fuel filters and flew through the emissions on the...
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    vito 108cdi injector differences

    Hello again everyone Can anyone tell me what the differences are in the injectors in the 108cdi range. I have been told that there are 3 different injectors for the 108 and they changed throughout the series. I am still playing with my 2000 vito and have it to the point where now I can...
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    vito 108cdi

    Hi there, My Vito 108cdi with 99000 miles does'nt want to rev above 3000rpm also needs a squirt of easy start to run hot or cold. Any ideas or pointers please?
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    vito 108cdi wont start when hot

    hi all I'm looking for some help or just to see if anyone has had this same problem ,I have a 2002 vito 108cdi , an it has recently not starting when its hot it was in the garage last week for 3 days an they said the only fault on the computer was the cam sensor this has been replaced but the...
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    108cdi wont go

    Hi out there I recently purchased a vito van which the previous owner assured me was running when he parked it but was not now as the battery was dead and he wasn't going to spend the time or money on getting it going. after trying to jump start it to no avail I had it towed to my home...
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    Vito 108cdi engine cut out

    Hello people, I'm new to this forum, I was planning to join but my hand has been forced because I now need advice. My van started up yesterday then as I drove off, it died. It started again and died again a few times, some times the engine would not spin on the key. Then it got me home. Today...
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    Vito 638 108cdi so slow

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    Mercedes Vito 108cdi central locking

    Evening all, i just bought myself a 2002 Vito 108cdi, never had one before but i really like it. only issues i have a are electrical:confused: The central locking does not work, that is assuming that all the vans came with central locking as standard? can any one tell me where i can find...
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    Insane starting issue on Vito 108cdi Lemon

    Bought a tatty 2002 Vito 108cdi to do one job and then pass it on to someone else. Drove ok for first 100 miles, except for (only) key snapping 50 miles from home and needing replacement (by mobile service). Completed journey ok. Next day no starter on key-turn. All dash lights come on...
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    Vito 108cdi Dash light problem

    Hi all,new to the forum,just wondered if anyone can give me an idea as to why the dash on my51 plate vito 108 cdi wont illuminate when the headlights are switched on,all the warning lights etc come on on starting up but when i put the headlights on the dials dont light up so i cant drive at...
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    Vito 108CDi V plate Washer jets not working, and glowplug warning light always on

    The front windscreen washer jets are not working. There is fluid present. There is no noise of a motor when pressing the washer switch with the ignition on. There are two wires going to the motor: a black/purple/red wire, suspected to be the feed from the switch, and a brown wire, suspected to...
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    '03 108CDI Air in fuel line

    Hi there, I'm new to the Vito world and have found myself rather stuck. Having read rather a lot of threads I've been unable to find a solution to my problem. A couple of days ago after a couple of months of happy, trouble free motoring my van broke down. As I was accelerating the 'EDC' light...
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    Vito 108cdi power

    Hi Everyone Looking for a bit of advice, I have a 'x' reg vito 108cdi. I have not owned that long so not sure if the speed and power I am receving is normal. I feel that I am not getting the power i thought I would from the van in running up through the gears you dont seem to get that ummp like...
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    Fuel leak advice please vito 108cdi

    Hello fellow forum-ers I am after some advice again if possible. I have a fuel leak on my 108cdi i have already done a kitchen roll wrap test and dismissed the injectors as the faulty area. I noticed it when I changed a screaming ancillary belt which by the looks of it was because of the...
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    Vito 108cdi flat spot at low revs

    Hey guys. Another problem on the new wagon. I keep getting flat spots or moments when the power seems to hesitate when I am accelerating. It only lasts a second or two and the seems to be a raspy buzzing noise with it. Almost like a really quiet exhaust blow coming from the engine bay. There are...
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    Help with MAF Wireing vito 108cdi 2004 (638)

    Hello all. My woes continue. My van keeps going into limp mode but no light on the dashboard. This has started since I had the clutch done and I seem to be down on my MPG as well. Garage said the plastic MAF connector was broken and missing when they went to unplug it and the cables only have...
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    108cdi horrid knocking noise after clutch change.

    108cdi knocking noise from engine bay Hi again all. The saga continues. Got the van back after getting the clutch done and it's spot on but now there is at least one if not more horrid knocking noises when moving that were not there before. The garage can't recreate the noise when the van is...
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    108cdi VITO - PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

    Initial problems were not turning over and going into limp mode on steady run. Replaced new clutch switch, starter motor, one way fuel valve, new O rings. Van now pulls like a train and starts well but goes into limp mode when up to running temperature. Any ideas appreciated!!!!
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    vito 108cdi self repairing clutch

    Hello fellow merc heads. Bit of a strange one here. About a week ago when I had a full load of 6 people in my 2003 dualiner I noticed the clutch was starting to slip ever so slightly when under heavy load. this has been getting increaseingly worse over the week to the point I had to drive with a...
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    Vito 108cdi flywheel conversion

    Hey all. Well 2 weeks after buying my dream van the clutch has started to slip and have now got the wallet burning job of swapping the clutch. The issue is I can get a conversion kit to change to a solid flywheel and clutch for 140 less than a dmf clutch and that is presuming the dmf isn't on...
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