1. wu56Shoozz

    2006 Vito 111CDi

    My diff has started to groan so I'm on the look out for a new diff or reconned.. but there doesn't appear to be a tag on the diff at all to tell me the ratio - is there a part number by any chance on the build plate inside the door or any other way of finding out what ratio I have please??
  2. G

    Mercedes vito W639 111cdi dual mass flywheel vibrations?

    Hi guys, I really could use some help in diagnosing a vibration issue I have on my vito. I bought it 4 months ago with a very lightly slipping clutch ( only slipped if you were hammering it up a hill in a high gear) so I had my local indy fit a new clutch, they said the flywheel had a small...
  3. wu56Shoozz

    2006 w639 111CDi Vito Instrument Pod..

    Has anyone successfully changed a later pod with the two clock for an early binacle with the rev counter etc...can it be done? I like the look of the later instrument pod...hence the question.
  4. M

    Vito 111cdi ECU/fusebox fan fault

    2004 van (215k miles), the ecu/fusebox fan seems to be sticking on and flattening battery, managed to find and unplug the fan. (unscrew fuseboard lift it up and on the vertical piece on left side below you will see red and brown wires twisted round each other into a plug, pull that its the power...
  5. wu56Shoozz

    2006 w639 111CDi

    Hi, I have the very base interior cab light and managed to snatch a bargain Dome light with map reading lights.. does anyone know how to wire it up so all the dome light works? I had what looks like bullet connectors on the drivers side of the pod.. where as the original has only a single...
  6. A

    Vito Compact 111cdi injector removal tool yr 2009

    Hi Guys New to the forum so be gentle. Vito yr 2009 111cdi compact 2148cc Looking for the correct mercedes vito 111 cdi injector removal tool. I have enclosed a pic of the injector in situ.It had the dreaded black death syndrom and have spent two days getting this far.Looking at the correct tool...
  7. wu56Shoozz

    W639 111CDi Sun Visors

    Does anyone know if a Viano Visors are plug & Play, i.e the loom is there in the roof to illuminate the mirrors? The Missus wants her vanity back.. so ordered to Viano visors with illumination.. Anyone? :dk:
  8. T

    W639 Vito 111CDi fuel consumption

    Hi everybody I know this has been done before but I can't find a thread prior to 2011 so I thought I might start another on the subject! After two months of ownership, with 243,000 on the odometer, I am successfully returning 32-36 mpg with a mix of approx 80-85% motorway at 70-80mph and he...
  9. W

    W639 111CDI DMF to SMF conversion?

    Hi, Anyone experienced Vito 111CDI DMF to SMF converion? I Think I have to replace mine soon and I'm think about a conversion to SMF. The symptoms are trepidation in 1st gear when starting away and sudden stop when stop the engine.. not a smooth one. I use to drive smoothly. The price of a...
  10. wu56Shoozz

    2006 Vito 111cdi - Stiff Clutch

    Okay, I'm getting the hang of this new found beast.. but I've noticed that I've a stiff clutch, creaks on the pedal a bit... should I be worried? I've had it checked by a mechanic who advises its fine biting point is where it should be but I just wonder is it the springs in the clutch that...
  11. wu56Shoozz

    2006 Vito 111cdi

    Hi all, I've just joined the forum by acquiring the above vehicle in black.. its sound as a pound and has only one 10mm spot of rust on her (Soon To Be treated) but my question is this: Can Electric wing mirrors be retrofitted as mine don't have any and I miss them..:-(
  12. A

    W639 Vito 111CDI Fuelling problems

    Hello. My 2005 111 CDI Vito W639 was running rough. So I changed the perished leak back pipes and the diesel filter. Now it runs fine for about 2 or 3 minutes and then starts to "kangaroo". I have noticed that the fuel level indicated on the fuel gauge drops significantly, which is when the...
  13. Incredible vito

    Mercedes Vito 111cdi sluggish up hill

    ok engine in starts runs but seems to be sluggish up hills the turbo only kicks in around 3k and boosts well but also sometimes the eml light comes on anyone know what this could be it has a vairiable vaine turbo but newish so thats ok
  14. S

    2006 Vito 111CDi - location of SAM unit

    Hi follow up to indicator problem in this thread: http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/electronics/190627-2006-vito-11cdi-problem-indicators.html Got a wiring diagram so now know the electrical setup but not the location of the SAM unit in the vehicle - anybody know where it is? Thanks Steve
  15. S

    2006 Vito 11CDi - problem with indicators

    Left side indicators dont flash when activated - console lamp flashes and clicking can be heard at double rate for left side - bulbs and wiring round the bulbs are ok as far as I can see. Seems like a trivial problem but without wiring diagrams and locations for the left side indicator...
  16. Incredible vito

    WANTED vito 111cdi engine

    I need bare engine must have internals
  17. Incredible vito

    Vito 111cdi engine and 110cdi engine

    Can anyone tell me other than the difference in just a few CC what is different in the engines as mine blew up in my vito 111cdi I can't afford another grand as I just bought the van does anyone have any idea or poss a engine knocking around I be very grateful
  18. B

    2003 111cdi indicators not working

    no o/s indicators not working dont even come on with haz lights or wen lockin i dont know where relay is. help please:
  19. N

    2005 vito 111cdi in limp mode

    Hi I'm new to this forum and hope I can get some help thanks in advance.i have a 2005 vito compact 111cdi which keeps going into limp mode if I turn the key off then back on its but management light stays on it will still rev above 3000 and then goes back into limp mode. I had diagnostics done...
  20. C

    2009 111CDi vito ex police help.

    I am new to the vito so I have a few questions first does anyone have a copy of the owners manual for this generation they can scan, email or link me too. Secondly my parking sensors are not working red lights and beep before turning off, any suggestions hints? Thirdly the strip lights in the...
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