1. J

    Vito 112 cdi

    Evening lovely people, i am currently looking to purchase a vito 112cdi, so if any of you know of one for sale i would appreciate any info, also would anyone know where i can get a descent remote central locking kit for same vehicle and electric window kit, sorry its so many questions for my...
  2. K

    638 108 to 112 ecu swap

    Hi I would like to up the power on my 108cdi vito and have a complete 112 breaking. I know that the mechanicals are all the same in the versions of the vito and have done some research. It would appear that I can swap the ECU and intercooler and turn my 108 into a 112. Before I go ahead...
  3. Silver CL55

    Eibach 5 X 112 hub centric 10mm spacers, brand new

    Will fit various models, W219 CLS, W212 S class, W216 CL, W211 E class, M class to name but a few. (Will fit rear of the above vehicles, not sure about the front) Do your own research for your own vehicle. Eibach model; Pro-Spacer 112/5-66.5-150 S90-2-10-002 £55 shipped to you in the UK.
  4. grober

    Peavey Bravo 112 valve amp

    A question for the "axe men " on the forum? Sorting out the loft decided this had to go. A PEAVEY BRAVO 112 VALVE AMP. Dating back to the early 90's it's had very little mileage since I bought it. Reputed to be a copy of a Marshall tube amp its a solid bit of kit in good nick ---its rated at...
  5. U

    Please Need help with this CLK 112 910 2.4L

    CODE:P20D4 CODE:P2050 CODE:P2052 CODE:P2054 Here is Photo any advice and help Thank You
  6. danc0012

    112 vito tuning

    Hiya. How are you all. First of the forum has been great help to me over the passed few months with problems with my mercs. My main one being my vito. Its a 2002 vito 112. I cant seem to find a pipercross filter for it. I have a new 108d filter but obviously the box is different. Now would I be...
  7. Mike060280

    112 cdi waterpump direction belt fitted wrong??

    Seems strange but looking on different forums some have said the fan belt was fitted wrong. If my engine is running I can take the outlet pipe off the heater matrix and nothing is coming out. Likewise if I take the feed pipe off from the front that feeds the matrix I have very little if any...
  8. Mike060280

    Vito 112 cdi coolant pressure problem or not ??

    Hi there i changed the engine on my 112cdi Vito and just need help with one problem ?? engine runs fine heaters work fan cuts in when should BUT. the coolant pipes seem to be rock solid and just want to know if this is normal there is no loss of coolant. if i put overflow pipe in a bottle...
  9. P

    Vito 112 unresponsive throttle?

    Hello fellow Vito people. I wonder if anyone has come across this 1 before? when i start the vehicle, cold, warm or hot it starts great but for the first 10 seconds or so the throttle is unresponsive, ypu can press it but Nothing happens? Then the engine revs pick up a couple or hundred revs and...
  10. khawaja

    Alloy wheels required for clk 230 convertable v reg 112 pcd

    Nice alloys required I can collect im based in Birmingham
  11. L

    Noisy (EGR?) Valve on 112 Engine in S210

    Hi, Got a loud 'ticking noise' coming from the area of this valve (pls see pic) sometimes, usually when cold. It's sat next to the ABS(?) or Power steering(?) hydraulic unit on the left-hand side of the engine bay. The valve in question has a cable connector going to it with just 2 cables it...
  12. B

    Wanted, two steel 14" wheels, 5-stud, PCD 112

    I need two trailer wheels or two tough steel wheels. PCD is MB-standard 112mm, originals are 5.5 x 14 but anything up to 6.5 x 14 would be OK. ET of the originals is 30 I would take a set of four if anyone has a set Or I would take two trailer wheels, with or without 185 R14 8-ply tyres...
  13. L

    Oil Leak 112 Engine...

    Hiya, I noticed today I have an oil leak developed at the top of my 112 engine (e320 in a 210 estate). Pretty sure it's coming from ontop of the Rocker cover on the righthand side of the engine, where a 'mini-rocker-cover' (something to do with crankcase ventilation?) sits ontop of the main...
  14. L

    Spark plug gap 112 engine?

    Hi, I've tried researching the answer to this but are getting conficting info; The spark plugs listed for my 112 engine are the Bosch F78DC.. (or something like that off the top of my head) which come pre-gapped to 1.0mm, but the info for this enging when 1st released was the gap should be...
  15. L

    Uneven Idle 112 engine

    Hi, my W210 e320 (m112) has an uneven idle which is more noticable in neutral than in 'D' with your foot on the brake but still noticable in the latter. It's sometimes not present if the engine is hot & been for a decent run but more often than not the fault is there. I went to change the...
  16. Godot

    Whether you're in Dover or Dieppe, today is 112 Day - and it could save your life

    European MPs are this week reminding people they only need to remember one number when travelling in the EU including the UK. The free emergency number 112 is common to all 27 member states - including the UK - and connects to ambulance, fire or police. It has been in use for 20 years, but...
  17. H

    Vito 112 speedo failure

    Hi all, anyone come across this problem before? The speedo in my yr 2000 Vito 112 cdi has suddenly packed up! Just prior to failing it began to give an incorrect reading..either showing approx 20 mph less than actual speed, or 20-30 mph more. When stopped, the speedo was stuck on about the 30...
  18. M

    vito 112 timing marks?

    Hi all, 03 vito 112 cdi series1, trying to remove cylinder head and confused by the crank pulley timing marks. Here goes with my problem, hopefully someone can put me on the path to enlightenment. With punch marks on both cams lined up, 2 marks on cam sprockets lined up and scribe line on crank...
  19. O

    looking at a set of 16" rim, what is PCD 112

    As title, I am not sure the wheels are genuines but they are 5 studs , 16" and said PCD 112? Is that the centre / hub? Would that fit an E300TD? Cheers. Olivier
  20. lynall

    W203 112 engine slight ticking front cover

    Hi long time no post:doh: Wifes c320 usual detailed info from her it wouldnt start sort of not, im not really sure! So i had a poke around, nothing obvious but a light regular ticking noise from the front of the motor, it comes and goes cant hear it with the bonnet down and i dont remember...
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