1. Gaz-M

    Anyone got a new Vito? (2015> facelift) Im looking to order one!

    Has anyone got a new Vito on here? Theres so little Vito forum stuff online! Im looking to replace my 120 with the new 116 with 7G Auto. Looking for peoples opinion on them, hopefully compared to the older 639 model and even better against the 120.. Opinion on prices if possible, Im not...
  2. KoFidee

    W447 Compact Sport 119 CDI

    Ok so took delivery Thursday Just getting used to the auto box pictures comments and mods will follow in this thread.. so write up to do already just need to do the photos pigeon flew into van (passenger side behind window) a hour ago no damage (phew) to the van of course :doh...
  3. Cabb

    New Vito Sport 119 arriving on Friday

    As above after a long wait my new Van arrives on Friday I see a few others are getting new Vitos this week or soon don't see that many on the road just yet I'm sure that will change
  4. U

    Vito Sport 119 crew cab compact

    Hi Looking at purchasing the above, with a few extras inc the light package, anyone purchased similar and happy to let me know what i should be looking at paying?
  5. Cabb

    New Vito 119 Sport Ordered

    Well after a bit of messing about I've ordered a new Vito had a test drive and and it all seems really good got the crewvan with some nice extras Van will be ready about August
  6. Cabb

    New Vito 119 any body got one ?

    As above I was looking for a Vito Sport X 224 but some dogs out there so looking at a new 119 Sport Crew Van any body got one any points or views would be great Thanks Alec
  7. csx355

    Just Pressed the Button on a new Vito Sport 119 Crew

    Been a while since I have been in 'New Van Mode' - waiting for the 2015 Vito crew bus (old Dualiner) then had to wait till they launched the Sport model. 1st production run in October - mine is now in the system 7speed auto box in Indium grey - with options - cant wait!!
  8. Doodle

    New plug leads for the SL

    It became clear recently that all was not well - despite swapping the distributors for fresh ones in the car park at Olly's GTG it was still lumpy and misfiring, and it was getting worse. Time for new plug leads. Prices from the dealers for a full set were perilously close to £500...
  9. Sp!ke

    SL500 119 engine misfire

    I've just been getting my hands dirty at work giving the once-over of a colleagues 119 engined SL500 that seems to be suffering from a misfire. He's been away for a couple of weeks, meanwhile the car has been sat outside and his drive in to work this morning was 'somewhat tricky' according to...
  10. T

    119 engine in W126 Merc?! Help!

    I'm thinking of buying a 1990 560SEC and have done my research - to discover that there might be a problem with the VIN/body tag! I would be really grateful if a more experienced merc fan could tell me if I have spotted a problem or I am being a numbskull. Here goes... The photo shows the VIN...
  11. inetd

    HOW-TO: Replacing Cam Oil Line Fittings (Oil Guides) on the 119 (5.0L) V8

    My how-to to replace oil guides or oil channels on a 119 motor (5.0L V8) http://www.baxnet.net/merc/oilguides/story.htm
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