1. K

    Looking for a nice 123 Coupe

    Hi, Sold my 300sl today and now looking for a nice 123 Coupe , would love one soon with the possibility of using it for a European tour in the summer
  2. K

    123 seats

    Hi All, I'm looking to purchase a 1982 Mercedes 123 , I love them but just wondering how comfortable they are on a long journey , the one I'm thinking about has a very very 'springy' seat , I'm hoping someone on here has driven or owned one and can shed some light on my question . Cheers
  3. B

    123 230CE Transmission Noise (Again)

    Forgive me if this isn't even the right website but some time back I received replies dealing with my new transmission noise coming through the body in to the car when in fifth. The noise is slight but I hear it and it didn't exist before changing the gearbox shift bushes, propshaft center...
  4. B

    123 230CE Transmission Noise - Misfires - FRENCH Mechanic

    Gentlemen, Ladies, Having replaced and adjusted the centre bearing of the prop-shaft according to all the postings, e.g. lower the vehicle and rock it backwards and forwards or push it around the place before tightening the locking nut, when I change in to fifth there is a transmission noise...
  5. brucemillar

    123 Estate. Lovely.

    Fully Restored And Immaculate Classic Mercedes W123 estate 230te e class | eBay
  6. I

    Nice 123 Estate

    W123 Mercedes 300 Td Auto | eBay Not a bad looking thing, I think I'd have it if I didn't have one.
  7. H

    123 lang limo

    How much should one pay for a 1981 123 250 Lang Limo RHD in excellent condition ,50,000 miles on the clock?
  8. R

    280ce 123

    Can anyone tell me how to remove the lower panel strip on the 280CE door, and the moulding around the side windows for paint
  9. guydewdney

    123 gearbox, 903? box, 114 bits

    123 box, unknown condition, but bought from enthusiast. Accept scrap value. 903 312d auto box for spares only. Free to collector or tenner for hassle factor. 114 ns sill, new 114 rear lower quaters, under bumper x 2
  10. S

    123 parts

    Bought from these guys a few weeks ago if anyone needs parts very good and new there stuff mercedes w123
  11. TegTypeR

    Vito 123

    Okay, bit of a long shot here as I know there were only ever 8 of them registered, but I am after a Vito 123, the 3.7 V6 Petrol engined Vito van. Ideally I want a SWB Dualiner version (not sure if it was ever sold in that spec) but a regular van would suffice. Why? I want it as a company...
  12. jamesfuller

    123 230 ce

    Just seen this on retrorides... 1984 w123 230ce norfolk £1750 satin black | Retro Rides
  13. H

    W: 123 abs front sensors, A1265402517

    Hey, looking for abs front sensors, part number: MERCEDES BENZ: A1265402517. s123 -80 is the car, it seems that w126 sensors will do too. hese Finland heeposki at gmail.com
  14. N

    Mercedes 123 coupe Wanted!!!

    hi i am look for a mercedes 123 coupe in good condition (engine - body - interior) and no rust let me know regards Noel
  15. Druk

    Santander 123 account

    We're considering a switch to the above. Any comments for or against please and especially in relation to their internet banking interface. Is that user friendly or what? Thanks.
  16. S

    123 series Booth Lock

    Can any member tell me if a lock from a 200T (estate) will fit a 200 Saloon, or if I can remove the Barrel from the 200T and fit it to the 200 Saloon.
  17. trapperjohn

    Another Barn Find. 123 Estate 240D

  18. trapperjohn

    A 123 Pick Up spotted on ebay.

    MERCEDES W124 LHD E300 D OM606 LHD Fully Loaded W124 LHD 2 Owners from new | eBay
  19. A

    123 estate interior trim needed

    Can any body out there tell me where i can get an o/s rear date coloured looks like cardboard colour!interior plastic carpeted wheelhouse cover for 1982 123 estate.
  20. G

    1984 Merc 123 230e running HOT on load only

    Hi folks My trusty machine has started getting very warm at speed under load. I have had to reduce speed to around 65mph to get the temp down to reasonable temp although still a bit higher than it should be . Up a hill it gets worst, and looks as though it will reach over 100 degrees if i dont...
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