1. pauljbpaul

    Seeking early 129 two tone colour code

    Hello all, My 1990 500SL is arctic white, a little too much arctic white as its had the plastics colour coded instead of the original two tone it came with, i love the early two tone look so want to have the plastics repainted, i contacted mercedes for the lower colour code and they gave me...
  2. M

    Mercedes sl 129 Zenon headlights

    Hi all, my SL 500 facelift 2001, head lights are zenon, the drivers light stays on, makes no difference on dip or main beam, just bright, changed the igniter, the bulb and the controller, is there a relay somewhere? the passenger side is perfect. Will change all the left to the right hand side...

    129 grille

    I am after a 129 grille off 96 onwards [ 6 slat ] as long as slats are ok condition unimportant thanks Richard
  4. A

    129 Front ABS Sensors

    One pair of used R129 front ABS Sensors, 129 540 08 17 and 129 540 09 17. Believed to be working, but as I don't have an SL, I can't confirm this. £40

    129 500 or 928 porsche

    I regrettably recently sold my 97 r129 500, as i just bought new mustang and already have other vehicles to use.But i am in s position now where i am thinking of buying another usable classic am looking at either 928 porsche or r129 500 or 600. must be facelift model 5 speed The problem is...
  6. Indigo

    How many 129's sold each year in the UK ?

    129 SL's sold ? Does anyone have access to final sales figure of 129 sold each year and the breakdown of engine sizes in the UK ? Particulay wondered how many 500's and 600's were sold of the final facelift (99-01) as other than the silver arrows the 500 and 600's seem rare as hens teeth with...
  7. autounion

    129 rear cradle / suspension to 124

    Good day, Has anyone investigated if the rear suspension, diff cradle etc from a 129 fit to a 124 sedan? Side note, I recently visited the UK - where have all the 124s gone? Kevin in Oz
  8. Indigo

    SL 129 ADS suspension buying advice

    Hi, I'm going to view a 2000MY SL500 with a view to buying it The car has been in storage for a few years and needs cosmetic work On paper it's my dream 129 due to its colour and high spec However, on the photos I've been sent its got ADS suspension which I'd rather it didn't have On...
  9. sjmaxwell

    iPad Pro 12.9 inch screen 32GB

    My 10 month old iPad Pro in Space Grey with the 12.9 inch screen and 32gb is up for sale. It's in superb unmarked condition and is fully boxed with all its accessories. It is on 9.3.5 IOS. Selling as upgrading to large capacity one £550 free postage to mainland UK
  10. T

    Sl 129

    I have bought a few Mercedes over the years but this is the first one i have seen for sale. Mercedes SL320 SL320 (V6) VERY COMPREHENSIVE & DETAILED SERVICE HISTORY | eBay I bought this in may 2013 and i didn't may that much for it, so it does seem they are going up in price. I had a new soft...
  11. S

    129 300 sl electrical problem

    Hi, trying to put a 1991 300 sl back on the road that has been stood for 2 years.working through various electrical faults and i cannot get the rear lights or the brake lights to work.I have changed fuses but still nothing Is there a relay on this model that controls the rear lights and...
  12. T


    I like Mercedes 129s but not sure of this. LHD FULL WRAP 1990 MERCEDES 500 SL R129, LEFT HAND DRIVE , WRAPPED, CONVERTIBLE | eBay
  13. BlackC55

    SL320 129 for sale.

    http://m.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C666224 This car is truly a peach.
  14. M

    Steering wheel dark gray leather/walnut for 124, 140, 129, 210, 202

    Originally from a W140 S600, and was fitted to my w124. It is a genuine MB item. It's dark gray, but doesn't look wildly out of place in leiu of the same wheel in black leather. Comes with matching gray airbag. It will need a contact ring which can be swapped over from your existing wheel. In...
  15. jonnyboy

    129 hardtop

    Hardtop in pale blue, with broken rear screen(still watertight) and brand new packaged replacement screen included. Offers
  16. poormansporsche

    F/S Brand New Genuine W202 129 210 170 Carbon Steering Wheel !

    Like it says, brand new never fitted. Final Facelift 1999/2000 W202 style Its BLUE !!! can get it professionally dyed black for an extra 50 quid or welcome to have a go yourself with a one of those dye kits on ebay for 30 quid. Will chuck in a black airbag Looking for £175 collected...
  17. M

    Sl 129 Amg Wheel

    Hi, anyone have a AMG wheel 8.5j x 18 ET 25, part number 1294012002? Style 1 - 5 spoke Have a damaged one, sent for repair, not sure if its fixable, good price paid for decent wheel light kerbing not objected to. Will collect or arrange courier. Please help.
  18. jonnyboy

    best/cost effective finish for my 129 Carlsson split rims?

    Guys As i move back into the world of MB, my 129 project is having some dust blown off it. I am held back by certain factors, most notably cashflow lol. However, whilst I gather the funds for some repainting, my attention turn to the wheels. This is an old prev owner pic of the car with...
  19. d w124

    124 129 140 202 210 wood&leather steering wheel

    Brand new with airbag included The leather is dark grey but with a matching airbag it wouldn't look out of place,here a picture of one with the same color fitted to my 124 Price:£400 collected from SE23 London
  20. J

    Wanted Central locking vacuum pump 129 800 0348

    My (LHD) 300SL-24 needs a central locking pump. Existiing one is 129 800 0348. Does anyone have one - or do you know if any of the other part number pumps can be fitted? Thanks, James 07770 897397 ferney999@aol.com
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