1. retrodave111

    wanted, 129sl hardtop rear glass

    i am wanting a hardtop rear glass for a 129sl, has anyone got one , yorkshire area, but i will be travelling to the sl shop in redditch on saturday, thanks
  2. 230K

    129sl looks tiny beside B & E

    Hi I had to call into the local dealers this evening and ended up parking between an e class convertible and a B? Class. The sl looks tiny in comparison. Thanks 230k Sent from my GT-I9505 using MBClub UK
  3. nickg

    in dash sat nav instal on 129sl

    Hi guys Just bought a becker in dash sat nav - am expecting delivery today.... 2 questions: - can I get a speed sensor signal from the radio ISO plug (as per on Bobcat's W202 in an earlier thread) ? ; and - where is the best spot under the dash to put the GPS aerial? ta
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