1. Bryan Allman

    MB World - Sunday 13th Aug. 11:00

    Summer is here and it's been a while since we last gathered at MB World for the regular natter, coffee and discussion about all things in the motoring world. The plan is as usual for these events; to gather at MB World at around 11:00 - discuss cars in the car park - retire to the showroom...
  2. Bryan Allman

    MB World - Sunday 13th Dec 11:00

    As per the title - a pre Christmas (or whatever is now politically correct) gathering, coffee and natter for those who need a break from the rounds of shopping etc. Parking in the usual place. Gather from 11:00 - chat about cars and whatever and retire to the coffee shop for a warm up and a...
  3. Venomous

    Friday 13th - Not so bad after all!

    So I was working from home today, as the car was in for an A Service, Brake Fluid Change, and MOT. Car sailed through the MOT - happy days.... :) Lots of work hassle, and the day closing on a less than positive note :( Then Facebook reveals that I have won Second Prize in a competition...
  4. S

    Eurocharged in Aberdeen 13th & 14th November

    Will be heading up to Aberdeen at the end of this week at Wallace Performance, Craigshaw Rd, Aberdeen AB12 3AR Will be assisting with a couple of MBClub members on there C63's but if any members in the area want to pop over for a chat or to take a look at there car feel free to contact me...
  5. horgantrevor

    In norway stuck on plane friday 13th

    In Norway stuck on plane Friday the 13th Amsterdam is busy they say What to do mmmmmm
  6. M

    Cambridge/East Anglia GTG - Sunday 13th April 6pm - Belfry Hotel Cambourne

    alright guys i see there are a few on here from cambridgeshire we should get together for a beer whilst the weather is nice:cool: who's in.... 1. mabz
  7. sjmaxwell

    Bluewater meet - Saturday 13th July 2013

    By popular demand! And as some were unable to make it last week. So who fancies a GTG this Saturday from 8pm as the weather looks to be good? 1. Sjmaxwell 2.
  8. acej

    Goodwood August 13th Tuesday 105db day.

    I know a few members have tried to get this off the ground before but an option for the above day has come up and it's a loud day 105db. I can must a definite 6 people, possible 8 and to get the cost below £400 we need 20. Any interest? 1-6 Acej 7
  9. Rashman

    Brooklands Meet - Sunday 13th June

    Hey guys! :rock: Ok, I have a couple of friends from MBWorld who will be coming over to the UK for a few days in June. One is coming from Sweden and one from the US. I have told them about Brooklands and they are very keen to check it out when they are over here. It looks likely that I...
  10. Rashman

    Bluewater Meet - Sat night (13th)

    Hey guys! Well, the weather is now offcially $hit. :( However, I really need to get the 63 out of the garage and take it for a run. :devil: I reckon tomorrow night (sat 13th) will be acceptable enough (weather-wise) and was thinking of taking a trip to Bluewater and grabbing a latte...
  11. flango

    Sherwood Forest GTG - Sunday Dec 13th 12noon

    On behalf of Bennesspipers. It is proposed to have a Notts GTG at the Rose Cottage (apologies to all forces personnel) Inn at Rufford, LINKY If interested please could you indicate your preferred date in the Poll Best regards Ian PS You can vote for both dates if you wish and don't have a...
  12. neilireland

    NEC classic car show 13th nov

    Is anybody going to attend this???
  13. BaldGuy

    Friday the 13th AARRGGHH

    Just got in the car to this...... Hope the day goes well.......
  14. N

    13th time lucky for L driver

    "Teresa Clarke is celebrating passing her driving test after 27 years with L plates. The 62-year-old from Norfolk has spent £15,000 on 450 hours of lessons from 20 different instructors. She kissed her examiner after being told she had passed at the 13th time of asking."...
  15. Ian B Walker

    Friday 13th

    Ok so today is the 13 January and a Friday too. What are you NOT going to do today? Possibles are :- Buy a car Park in a Supermarket car park Apply for a Bank Loan
  16. MBclubNL

    Meeting In Hann Munden Germany 13th and 14th September

    Theire will be next week a big meeting in Germany, place Hann mUnden at 13 and 14th of September more info at http://www.mercedes-forum.com/forum/thread.php?threadid=6043&sid=ed4981c7ae37226bcde59f8350cc13f3
  17. M

    Santa Pod 6th or 13th of October

    Santa Pod Raceway RWYB Sun 6/10/02 or Sun 13/10/02 Following on to the previous thread, Who's up for a trip to the Pod for a GTG and a bit of friendly racing/spectating next month? I have picked the dates from the replies already received previously - but if anyone has a preference for 27/10...
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