1. BlackC55

    PCS and Benz On The Green Special offers on the 14th of May 2016 AM

    Benz on The Green workshop offers for 2016 ATF Change – 5 speed £145, 7 speed £150 AC Re-gas - £35 Eco Vehicle Tuning (Celtic tuning) is very kindly offering re-maps for £250 on the day IMPORTANT NOTEPLEASE READ! If you are interested in getting your car mapped on the day...
  2. BlackC55

    PCS gtg and BENZ ON THE GREEN, May 14th 2016!

    Hi all, We are pleased to announce the date for the annual PCS meet and Benz On The Green. This year the event is on Saturday May 14th. As usual the day will start at PCS http://prestigecarservice.co.uk/ before moving on to The George Inn...
  3. Bryan Allman

    MB World - Sunday 14th

    I'm thinking of popping into MB World on Sunday to see what delights they have on show. If anyone fancies meeting for coffee and a bun ........ usual car park location at 11:00 ish? All welcome :)
  4. S

    Eurocharged in Aberdeen 13th & 14th November

    Will be heading up to Aberdeen at the end of this week at Wallace Performance, Craigshaw Rd, Aberdeen AB12 3AR Will be assisting with a couple of MBClub members on there C63's but if any members in the area want to pop over for a chat or to take a look at there car feel free to contact me...
  5. H

    AMG Private Loungers- AMG Performance Tour Derby (14th and 15th Nov)

    Good afternoon folks As the titles suggests, im assuming this is something issued by the AMG PL to highlight theres a performance tour going on at MB Derby on the 14th and 15th, is anyone else going to this one? Ive booked my name down provisionally for the 15th.
  6. gazz

    Goodwood, today, 14th June

    SL55 AMG, looked to be going well! Was it you?? I was there with a client, testing his Nissan GT-R.
  7. S

    Santa Pod Raceway - 14th April

    Benzedup - C55AMG Alexis.jones - C320CDI SavMan - E55 Wagon
  8. BlackC55

    PCS GTG on the 14th of May 2011

    I will be organising another GTG on the 14th of May 2011.:D:D:D:D It wil be my 4th year trading and I want to thank you all for supporting me in the last few years:thumb: As usual I will be putting on some food and an some drinks as usual for free! All are welcome including the SLR, CLK...
  9. Rashman

    Bluewater AMG meet 14th Aug

    Hey guys and girls (Baldguy) LOL!! Right, Palmball is going to be in London on saturday 14th August. He lives up north and does not come down often. He is proper keen to meet up. So, if the weather turns out to be dry that day (14th Aug), I propose an AMG meet at Bluewater! :rock...
  10. verytalldave

    If not the 14th, then maybe the 29th.........

    With reference to the earlier post regarding "the end of F1 on 14th April". Read in the London Metro today this story.......... http://www.metro.co.uk/sport/extra/article.html?McLaren_hauled_before_FIA_council&in_article_id=613223&in_page_id=52&in_a_source= So it looks like the knives have been...
  11. R

    The end of Formula 1 on 14th April 2009?

    After many different threads about F1 recently, I thought we ought to have a thread that watched the possible end of F1. Ferrari have had a completely disasterous start to the 2009 season and they along with Red Bull have appealled the legality of the Brawn (and others) diffuser. The diffuser...
  12. GrahamC230K

    Items for sale on Sun 14th GTG

    I have a number of items for sale, that due to weight etc I am offering for sale cash on colection at this weekends (Sun 14th) GTG nr. Maidenhead. I will need sales confirmed prior to weekend to ensure part is actually removed! Telephone console for W202 - facelift with passenger airbag...
  13. Lazarus

    Sat 14th Jan 2006 - Another Oxfordshire meet

    Hi, Was chatting to the landlord of The Plough in Marsh Gibbon last night, and he mentioned the GTG, and that he'd be happy to host another one at his pub, including a spot of free grub... Just wondered what the interest would be for a meet sometime in mid-January - say the weekend of the...
  14. pammy

    very mini gtg - London Monday 14th feb

    ..and yes I do know what night that is - but work calls :( So we have Maff Tan Racall - poss C249kSport - poss any ideas where would be good - I'll be at the Radisson Kenilworth in Bloomsbury - Great Russell Street?
  15. MBclubNL

    Meeting In Hann Munden Germany 13th and 14th September

    Theire will be next week a big meeting in Germany, place Hann mUnden at 13 and 14th of September more info at http://www.mercedes-forum.com/forum/thread.php?threadid=6043&sid=ed4981c7ae37226bcde59f8350cc13f3
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