1. J

    15% Off at LTT Leathercare Harrogate.

    As thread states - 15% off all products at LTT Leathercare of Harrogate. Simply type in discount code ...SC15....when you check out.
  2. E

    15% OFF Meguiars Headlamp Restoration Kit

    Meguiars Headlamp Restoration Kit The Meguiars Headlamp Restoration Kit is ideal for cleaning, and restoring headlamps, back to their original quality. Shop now:Meguiars Headlamp Restoration Kit It's simple to apply and leaves you with a crystal clear finish. Cleans and...
  3. 219

    15% off today only

    I got an email this morning to say ECP are offering 15% off everything - today only , finishes at midnight . The discount code is EXTRA15
  4. BlackC55

    15% off Automatic Transmission Oil Change

    15% discount on ATF Changes at Prestige Car Service Getting the automatic gearbox oil changed at the correct intervals is very important to maintaining the life of the gearbox. We have proven that regular changes will help the gearbox last for many miles, keep it smooth and maintain good...
  5. G

    15% eurocharged discount

    hi im about to order the eurocharged pulley for my c32 whats the code to get the members discount , also I have already had the car mapped but its not a eurocharged map will the pulley work with this map . im presuming it will be fine due to the car running a map sensor and thus adjusting to the...
  6. G

    15% eurocharged discount

    hi whats the code to get the 15% eurocharged discount im now ready to buy a pulley thanks in advance
  7. G

    15% eurocharged discount

    hi what is the code to get this off im very near to ordering a pulley
  8. H

    Mercedes HP for 1.5% APR!

    Interesting offers on the MB website. Surprising to see the new E class already being offered on PCP deals (MB call them Agility). Put £4,500 down and under £400 per month over 3 years. What also caught my eye, as I've not seen MB offering this before is really heavily subsidised H.P. deals at...
  9. A

    The new VAT @ 15% is this law?

    Hello The VAT dropping to 15% is this going to be compulsary? I thought I saw on the news that some (most) shop owners were not going to pass the discount on? I have also just placed an order for HP Storage (for work) at £26K and the guy I speak to wanted the order in quickly for us as HP...
  10. Satch

    VAT down to 15%??

    Well, could be........ http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/business/economics/pbr/article5213582.ece So if you were planning to buy something VATable costing more than a few squids on Sunday, don't.
  11. Gollom

    15% off first service? Gotta be worth a look!

    Taken from the MB website here Are you the second owner of your Mercedes-Benz? If you missed out on the unique rich leathery smell of the new interior or didn’t have the pleasure of clocking up the first few miles, then we’d like to welcome you to Mercedes-Benz. We believe that any owner...
  12. A

    Pirelli Tyres offer 2 @ 15% & 4 @ 25 % off

    Didn't want to hijack the Advice on Tyres thread: Just had a pair of 255/35/18 Pirellii P-Zero Rossos fitted for £317 from Kwik Fit of all places! They had the cheapest price I could find. Could only get that on line at http://www.kwik-fit.com You need to print the quote as the in store...
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