1. G

    A part detailed '00 Alfa ~Romeo 156 and a '89 E-Class W124 Saloon

    Spend a few hours this morning... washed her thoroughly. Clay bared in detail. Then machine polished with G3 scratch remover ... and some G3 paste where it was needed. Another later of G3 medium polish. Then applied a coat of Autoglym Ulta Deep shine and here are the results I wanted to wax and...
  2. SilverSaloon

    ALFA 156 2.5 V6 - huge spec For Sale

    My Alfa is on ebay: 2002 '52' ALFA ROMEO 156 2.5 V6 VELOCE BLACK 6 SPEED, TAN LEATHER, BOSE AUDIO | eBay
  3. M

    Alfa Romeo 156

    Has anybody got any experience of the 156? My Merc or 'the colander' as i like to call it now has not got long for the world as it is rapidly turning into red dust, and i am looking around for a new motor. I was looking at Mercs first, but have decided to widen my net and had a look at a...
  4. M

    Non Merc .......Alfa 156 (SOLVED)!!!!!!

    If you remember I started a thread about my sons Alfa 156 and the fact that it wouldnt rev and was totally undrivable. Well today I have finally cured it! After much headscratching, a code reader, Alfa diag software and numerous suggestions from this forum I found that the CAT was blocked...
  5. M

    Non Merc.........Alfa 156 issue

    Hope someone can help throw some light on this one. My sons Alfa 156 2.0 tspark has been sat outside my garage for the last 3 wks and today is the first time since my spine op that i've been able to get near it. Basically it will start instantly and idle smoothly but it wont rev past 3000. If...
  6. stevesey

    Defection -> Alfa 156

    Well as the general opinion agrees with mine that the C240 is a write off it's time to say I put a deposit down on this earlier (a refundable deposit on the basis that the C240 is written off - it's the same garage the C240 came from, so I was remembered - funny after 2 1/2 years how these guys...
  7. F

    Alfa 156 2.5 V6

    Having wrote of the C230K, ive gone for a Alfa. Ive alawys wanted one. Its needs belts doing and not a lot else, hopefully. It looks good underneath on ramps. 1999 ALFA ROMEO 156 2.5 V6 SILVER on eBay (end time 23-Mar-10 11:50:34 GMT) James/Alfie Slanders (merc190.co.uk)
  8. C230kompressor

    Fault code 156 (CAN SYSTEM)

    i managed to eventually get this code out of my w202 any one have any ideas! i cannot find anything about CAN BUS code's online!
  9. B

    My Alfa 156 - The pics

  10. B

    Alfa Romeo 156

    Took one in p/x and I have started driving it as I love it. Never wanted an Alfa, always thought they were rubbish but this is gorgeous. Looks nice, full momo leather, air, allloys and with the uprated suspension, it handles like a racing car, only criticism is that the ride is very low for...
  11. Tan

    O/T Alfa Romeo 156

    Hi Does anybody have experience of of the Alfa 156.
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