1. trapperjohn

    Classic Car Show Sunday 15th Nov 2015

    Taking my BiL to this and its a couple of years since I went. Advice please. There appeared to be a longish queue at the machine where you get your prepaid tickets last time I went. Is this still the case or have they sorted it now? ie to a shorter queue. Cheers
  2. Bryan Allman

    MB World - Sunday 15th Feb

    Ok - you will all have done your Valentine bit the day before, so here's the chance to get back to being a Petrol Head ....... Mercedes World at Brooklands. 11:00 start - meet in the car park - natter a bit, retire to the warmth for coffee and a bun, natter a bit more, depart when ready...
  3. H

    AMG Private Loungers- AMG Performance Tour Derby (14th and 15th Nov)

    Good afternoon folks As the titles suggests, im assuming this is something issued by the AMG PL to highlight theres a performance tour going on at MB Derby on the 14th and 15th, is anyone else going to this one? Ive booked my name down provisionally for the 15th.
  4. gaz_l

    Truck racing tickets - Sunday June 15th

    Evening All, At Olly's GTG last month I won a couple of tickets in the raffle for the truck racing meet at Thruxton on Sunday June 15th. Unfortunately, my plans have changed in the meantime and I'm going to be at Le Mans that weekend :D. I wouldn't want the tickets to go to waste so would...
  5. Bryan Allman

    MB World - Meet-Up & Lunch 15th Dec ?

    Suddenly found I have next Sunday free and haven't been to MB World for a while .......... anyone fancy a meet up next Sunday and maybe a spot of lunch? Add your name if you fancy it ....
  6. Alps

    Players Show 15th Sept North Weald Essex

    Weekend after TRAX, but was a good show last year. Alot of low very well looked after cars (be quiet Rash!) last year was a very mixed bunch of cars which was nice to see, live DJ, beer tent, various stands. £10 at the door (cash only) £5 to enter the show n shine Players 2013
  7. C

    PREPT Showdown June 15th Brands Hatch

    Any one going to this? Brands Hatch - Race Event - Prept Showdown
  8. matty.13

    AMG meet @ bluewater , 15th oct 2011

    hi guys it seems to be ages since the last amg meet so i thought it would be cool if we could meet up before the really bad weather starts :doh: . meet at the normal rashman spot , cinema multistorey 1st floor @ 8pm :thumb: . anyones welcome , lets try and get a big turn out :rock: ...
  9. R

    Battle of Britain Day 15th September

    Some of you might remember that back in April I fulfilled a lifelong ambition and flew with a Spitfire over the white cliffs of Dover and Capel le Fern. It was an amazing experience and I took hundreds of photos a couple of which are below. My flight was arranged by Steve Burt of...
  10. markjay

    Moon eclipse tonight 15th June 2011

    Total Eclipse of the Moon: 2011 June 15 That it, if you are lucky enough to happen to be in a part of the world where sky is clear - here in London it is quite cloudy at the moment :(
  11. BlackC55

    Prestige Car Service GTG in honour of Mark300SL on the 15th May 2010

    I intended to have a GTG this year to mark PCS's 3rd birthday on the 15th of May. I would like to dedicate this GTG to Mark300SL who passed away yesterday. Mark attended my previous GTG's and took some great pictures and was always on hand to offer help and advice. EVERYONE is welcome...
  12. C

    15th Wedding Anniversary - Wifes loses Album!

    Came home today looking forward to spending whats left of my 15th Wedding Anniversary with the Mrs, to find her in tears. She took her wedding album over to a freinds house last night to have a reminisce, and she left it there. Anyway the friend gave it back to her after the school pickup today...
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