1. B

    R129 15 hole 16in alloys

    I currently have the nine hole type on my 1993 300SL but fancy a set of the 15 hole variety. If anyone has a set that are in good condition could be interested, tyres are not required and I could make do with 3 wheels as I already have a spare.
  2. Chalpkin

    W203 16in Avantgarde 5 spoke alloy

    Wanted, one alloy wheel in decent nick if possible.
  3. englishdas

    refurbing my old 16in W210 avantgarde alloys

    I've given my alloys a good de_painting, wetndry etc, but where the actual rim of the alloy is, and the 'spokes' have caught the odd kerb, I have some nicks in the surface. The rim, I've brass-hammered back into shape, where some major damage occured. So where I'm missing bits of metal, what...
  4. P

    16in steel vito wheels

    Im looking for a set of 16in vito wheels with or without tyres ( ideally without) as i want to mount winter tyres on them! Phil
  5. A

    R129 SL AMG 18in staggered split rims offered in return for standard 16in 8-hole

    One of the R129 SLs I am considering is currently fitted with the two-piece AMG 18in staggered wheel, apparently in excellent condition, tyre brand and condition as yet unknown. As a bit of an OEM stickler I would prefer to run the standard 8-hole 16in wheel. If I do buy the car, are there any...
  6. stevesey

    w202 16in Sport Alloy wheels

    5 wheels - with a motley selection of tyres. 2 with 205/55 Khumos - legal but edges gone 2 with 225/50 P6000 - 1 just legal 1 with 205/55 P6000 - lots of tread, be aware the outer rim has been welded as the previous owner had clipped a kerb - garage sorted it when I bought the car - body of...
  7. R

    Wanted 16in wheel

    I,m looking for a single steel 16x7.5 c class wheel as a spare or an elegance alloy.with a duff tyre would be preferable.
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