1. S

    W169 16inch alloys wanted

    Genuine MB if you have them please. Thanks
  2. L

    w210 16inch wheels to 17inch wheels ok?

    Hi again, Firstly a Big thanks to everyone on this forum - it's invaluable:thumb: Question please: I've got a chance to get a set of 17inch wheels & tyres at a fair price which I was thinking of getting as a spare set for my W210 e320 elegance estate, which currently has the origional...
  3. W124ali

    W124 16inch tyre size

    Hello. I'm looking to put a set of 16 inch 8-hole alloys on my W124 (upgrade for the 15's) and wanted to know what the correct tyre size would be? Thanks
  4. kbhogalW126

    Looking for one of these rims in 16inch

    Guys and Gals, I had a flat tire on the CLK the other day and realised that the spare wheel bay in the boot was big enough to take a full size spare. The alloys look like this...
  5. M


    Mercedes E Class 16 inch Genuine Mercedes Alloy Wheels Set of 4, fitted with Just-about Legal (Requires Replacing ASAP) 215/55/16 Tyres. These are the Standard E Class MB Alloys fitted to a 1998 Mercedes E Series. Off Set is: ET41. The 4 alloys are in Very Good Original Condition...
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