1. BlackC55

    Special offers from PCS, Eurocharged and Celtic Tuning on May the 16th at BOTG

    I have some fantastic offers for MBClub members on the day of the GTG, Benz On The Green. Jerry from Eurocharged is coming over from Texas for our event. Both Jerry and Paul are doing their AMG re-maps for an amazing 50% off RRP! Eurocharged Performance and Tuning- Exotic and European Tuning...
  2. Koolvin

    Donations Please: Benz On The Green 2015 on May the 16th. MBClub and PCS anual GTG

    Oliver has set the below page up for donations https://www.justgiving.com/Oliver-Stoner A quick note from Ollie I started my own Mercedes specialist servicing business in 2007. During the set up period I had a nasty accident which left me with very little mobility. Through this time...
  3. BlackC55

    Benz On The Green 2015 on May the 16th. MBClub and PCS anual GTG

    Hi folks. Its that time of year again to announce our annual meet up at Live Music in Waterlooville :D:D and www.prestigecarservice.co.uk Last year was a fantastic success and we aim to make it bigger and better than ever.:bannana: We will be supporting BEN charity BEN | Home BEN is...
  4. S

    SRR Friday 16th

    If anyone fancys a mini meet next Friday myself and lips glee will be at SRR from 12 missy for a dyno run and reflash from Jerry Eurocharged
  5. Wagon

    Brands Hatch 16th dec

    Anyone fancy doing Brands on 16th Dec , road cars only @£99 , a bunch of us IBers will be going , the C43 may make an outing if its tipping down though... http://www.clubmsv.co.uk/car-home/event-details.aspx?productid=1627&calType=roadcaronly
  6. Alps

    Players Show 16th Sept North Weald

    Players German Car show 16th Sept North Weald Airfield, Essex. I went to this event last year and it was really good, mainly a VAG group theme but more BMW`s and Mercs as well as anything else which had a low stance! Not as big as TRAX but more select and a nice sunday morning out! you...
  7. ringway

    NW Cheshire GTG at The Dog Inn - September?

    Having looked at the NW and Curry GTG threads I thought it would be simpler and tidier to start a new "Dog" thread here. Wednesday 10th of August at The Dog Inn - Wellbank Lane, Over Peover, Nr. Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 8UP. LINK. We usually meet at around 7.00pm. All welcome and I...
  8. Godot

    Germany: Office Chair Race 16th April 2011

    PfLH1aoesdk:crazy::eek: Could it catch on here ?
  9. E

    Pancake day Tues 16th Feb!!

    Just a reminder folks! I'm off to practice tossing!..;)
  10. BlackC55

    GTG at PCS 16th of May 2009

    This will be my second birthday GTG. I thought I would get a thread up early so we can plan well in advance. The last Summer GTG I estimated about 70 People turned up so I must beat that record:D :eek: :D I will have some special offers again for AC services and maybe an ATF changes too...
  11. pammy

    Children in Need 16th Nov

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/pudsey/ Please give generously - what some poor children go through is unbelievable and every little does help. Thank you xx
  12. PJH

    Ayrton Senna prog on BBC2 tonight Tuesday 16th.

    Info only.
  13. Maff

    MB CLUB UK - March 16th 2003 - Confirmed GTG Details

    MB CLUB UK - March 16th 2003 - Confirmed GTG Details The next gathering as most of you know will be hosted by Jimmy on the above date. Anyone is welcome to attend, no need ask, just turn up and enjoy! Aim to be there for 10.30am. The exact address for the meeting is: Express...
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