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  1. G

    WANTED: 17" or 18" wheels for A209

    Hi everybody, Looking to replace the 16's wheels on my A209 with something a bit bigger. Must be in good condition, and preferably with decent tyres. Something like a set of staggered Adharaz would be nice, but anything considered. Thanks, Graham
  2. T

    17/18 inch Brabus Split Rims /replicas or similar wanted

    Loved the Look of these on a CLK I nearly bought until I was seduced by the V8 I eventually bought . I am still hankering after the wheels . Anyone got a set going cheaply:D or something similar Boyd
  3. 1

    W202 wheels upgrade what will fit in 17" or 18"

    1997 W202 estate looking to change the 15" alloys to 17" or 18" what model 17" or 18" can put on? offset issues? large back than front? spacers? etc to fill arches out a little?
  4. D

    c250 with 17" or 18" alloys?

    I will be picking up a w204 C250 sport with 18" AMG alloys from a main dealer and was wondering whether I should be asking to downgrade the alloys to a more sensible 17". The main reason being I think this will help give a slighty softer rider and save a little money when I come to change the...
  5. C

    17 or 18" wheels for a clk w209

    as above, pref with tyres that I can use :)
  6. marksmerc

    W202 AMG Staggered 17/18 Inch Monoblocks Wanted any condition considered

    Hi all, I am looking for a set of W202 AMG11 MONOBLOCKS mint or to refurbish. Please send me your offfers, pictures and prices to my email address listed below. Regards Mark marksmerc [email protected]
  7. B

    17" or 18" wheels for my w202, preferably dished monoblocks, anything considered

    as title states. looking for a set of wheels to fit my 96 c280 w202, preferably dished and/or with a chrome lip, but anything considered. thanks.
  8. covlad

    will 17" or 18" fit my 300e 124

    looking to change wheels im on 16" will i get away with 17" or 18" forgot to say its been lowered :thumb:
  9. carat 3.6

    WANTED: 17" or 18" steel space saver wheels

    As above I'm after a few of these to experiment on. With or without tyres, peeling paint ect, so long as the rim is not bent. Please pm me with price and location. Ta, Simon. :)
  10. G

    S210 17" or 18" alloys + Tyres

    Hi, I am looking for a replacement set of either 17 or 18" alloys to fit a S210 E Class - if you dont know if yours do - send me details of sizes and offsets and i can check them out. With or wiothout tyres, preferably with as i need to do a quick change over of my existing rig for least...
  11. S

    17/18" Alloys for W203

    Hi guys, after a nice set of 17/18's for my W203, 2003 ive just purchased. Must be either genuine mercedes or replicas with mercedes center caps please. Preferably with tyres but will consider ones without aswell. Max i want to spend is around £3-450 which i understand isnt a great deal but...
  12. D

    W211 Alloys Wanted, 17" or 18"

    My new S211 has got the standard Avantgarde alloys on and I'm not keen on them so I'm looking to buy some 17" or 18" to put on. I would love the 'Sport' multispoke alloys or AMGs, ideally with decent tread. Would be good if anyone fancied part exchanging my wheels into the deal; there is...
  13. T

    New Alloys - 17" or 18" CLK W209 Cab - Dec 2005

    Time for 4 new tyres so am considering replacing my 16" wheels. I think 18" would look good but is there any comfort difference from 17s.
  14. N

    WTD: 17" or 18" alloys for W211 2008 MY

    As above, looking to upgrade the 16" avantgarde wheels as soon as I can find a nice set of 17" or 18" OEM alloys, would consider either standard MB or AMG alloys as long as in VGC and pref with tyres (correct sizing) although would consider non tyred wheels too for the right price :D LMK if...
  15. R

    17" / 18" alloys

    Afternoon all. Does anyone have 17 or 18" alloys that they would like to sell to me for a fair price?? They must fit a 320ce. Prefer AMG, but not essential. Am also happy to swap out my 8 hole 15" alloys in return. Hopefully enough options there to tempt some replies !!!:thumb:
  16. proser

    17" or 18" wheels

    to fit a late W210 with or without tyres WHY
  17. M

    Better drive with 17" or 18" alloys - SLK 350

    Hi Guys, Which one offers a better, smoother drive. 17" alloys or 18" alloys on the SLK 350. Also will the larger alloy slow down the cars pick up or burn more pertrol. Basically, 18 inch is always advertised in SLK 350 pics and it does look nice. But is it the ideal option. At the moment I...
  18. J

    17" or 18" genuine Benz alloys

    I'm after some genuine Benz alloys to put on my W124. Preferably 18" but will consider 17" too. There are various styles that I like so just try me!!!:D
  19. B

    CLS with 17" or 18" alloys - which are better?

    Haven't posted for a while! I got my E320CDi in Oct 2005 (a Jan 2003 model) and swapped the Rucha 16" alloys for some 17" Ankaa alloys from Richard who also posts on here. Car is being traded in next week for a April 2006 CLS320CDi (in silver!) and the Rucha alloys are up on ebay as the...
  20. G-A-R-Y

    I would like 17" or 18" Does anyone have pics.

    I have just looked in my hand book, at the rear it lists lots of wheel tyre combinations. I am getting confused. I have 16" but would like the AMG flatty's For the 17" wheels it lists one spec: 8j x 17 H2 ET37 For the 18" stepped it lists: front 8j x 18 H2 ET31 rear 9j x 18 H2 ET35 What does...
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